Top 10 Reasons why you should visit Ghana

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10 Reasons to visit Ghana for holidays

Top 10 Reasons why you should visit Ghana

Ghana is known as "The Gold Coast" of Africa back in 1867 until 1957 when it was the first African nation to gain its independence from the British.

Being Born in Ghana my self i often forget the natural beauty and wonder that the country possesses so here are my Top 10 Reasons to Visit Ghana.

1. Most Peaceful Country

Ghana contains a long stable democracy and also the most balanced economy creating it the foremost stable country in Africa with safe travel destination for all tourists, low crimes, the most effective welcome for tourists.

2. wealthy History

Ghana was once a prosperous empire wealthy in massive with gold deposits within the country. The wealth of gold reserves has attracted countries from Europe that have formed the fashionable African nation nowadays.

The history of slavery is additionally an integral part of Ghana's history.

Forts and castles designed to support trade are a reminder of its wonderful past. The UNESCO World Heritage site turned into museums that resonate with the history of the slave trade.

3. Cultural Diversity

Ghana's culture is visible in its myriad crafts from kente weave to beadwork, wood carving and pottery, all of that seem to have symbols or social beliefs.

In Ghana, festivals are yet one more celebration of the glory of life, once communities celebrate both sides of life and each resource, from yams to waterfalls, music festivals and monthly traditional festivals area unit ways in which to cool down and celebrate life, with music, dance, drumming, and lots of food.

The Edina Bakatue festival could be a vibrant boat, wherever the deity of the river is invoked for the protection of the individuals. In times of civic conflict and rebellion within the world, the Odambea festival is nothing however distinctive. It honours the sacrifice of the Nkusukum those that have migrated from Techiman to pay tribute to non-secular traditions with the come of the historical events. The Bridal festival, the Rice pageant, the standard Aboakyir deer-hunting festival, the PANAFEST Theater festival are completely different annual festivals that you {simply|that you just} will simply schedule around your visit.

4. great Music and Food

Music is an implausibly rich a part of ghana. Drumming, music and dancing are vivid displays of joy. Any occasion is an excuse to celebrate music and percussion. Through traditional songs to accompany the drumbeat, there's plenty of joyful expressions, choral music is reserved for concert halls and churches.

Much has been written and praised concerning the African country food and cuisine scene. though Yam, maize, beans, cassava, plantain and rice are the most ingredients, the cookery is therefore fashionable. Your style buds are affected by the seasoning and effort that goes into the various flavours. Street food and snacks are a must to savour the purest kind of ghana cuisine.

5. Tropical Paradise

Ghana could be a tropical paradise, jam-packed with waterfalls wherever you go, rolling mountains and delightful white beaches. Incredible diversity, nice landscapes to supply nice hiking, surfing, canoeing adventures. above all, the volta Highland region is a must-see for its waterfalls and caves.

Ghana is home to glorious national parks, for instance. Kakum, Bia, Mole park and thousands of life and exotic animals. 5% you look after the land beneath official protection, the Republic of African country has used this wealthy resource to draw in community-based tourism. The Bobiri butterfly sanctuary, the Tafi-Atome and Boabeng Fiema monkey sanctuaries, and also the Wechiau natural hippo sanctuary area unit some examples of village conservation.

6. Beaches and Water Adventures

Ghana has over 540 kilometres of dazzling beaches. The drawback, most of them undeveloped. The upper side is a personal paradise decorated with eco-lodges waiting to be explored. whereas some supply natural sightings ADA beach for birding, Cocoloca beach for nesting and migratory whales, completely different beaches are great for yachting, water skiing, sport fishing or surfing, whereas Kokrobite beach contains a lively, festive atmosphere, Fete beaches supply seclusion within the middle of nature.

7. wonderful Tourists Sites

North ghana is thought for its distinctive centuries-old white mud mosques, in-built the West Sudanese vogue. Specifically, the Larabanga musjid could be a must-see, quaint, wide rectangular structure with painted mud walls and spiked wood struts. alternative fashionable sites embrace Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Christianborg Castle and Kumasi Fort, all of that resonate with storeys from the past, significantly the history of slaves.

Ghana's museums and galleries are vivid reminders of Ghana's history. The National Museum of Ghana in capital of Ghana, the Cape Coast Castle museum and also the Elmina Castle museum in Cape Coast, the Count Alessandro Volta Regional museum in metal and also the Kwame Nkrumah burial chamber and also the Nkroful museum are places each somebody ought to visit to imbibe the essence of ghana.

8. distinctive Adventures

Ghana contains a heap of novice hiking likewise as die hard enthusiast. Most of the hiking and walking tours area unit based mostly within the National Parks, customized to incorporate biking, culture, history, life and birding. The Count Alessandro Volta Region offers falls hiking opportunities wherever you can combine steep hiking with swimming in natural lagoons. Nocturnal 'turtle walking' on the beach, guided hiking on birding trails area unit various adventures that boost the sensation of being at one with nature.

Customized midland cruises across rivers, lakes and lagoons, aboard traditional canoe or boats, are a chance to urge nearer to the eco-system. A canoe ride through the Amansuri wetland to the four-hundred-year-old village of Nzulezo is another distinctive journey.

9. Budget-friendly, Less touristed

Ghana is nevertheless to be explored by world travellers. Therefore, till you become a most well-liked holidaymaker destination, you'll reap the advantages of a less frequented travel destination. Being less touristed, you will expect to travel on a straightforward budget and infrequently get over you obtained. over being the inherent welcome and heat of the individuals of the Republic of Ghana, the planet Health Organization likes to point out their new trendy avatar in its vivid forms. Therefore, expect to be welcome with the universal "Akwaaba" whenever you enter an edifice, a building or the Republic of Ghana. With faces adorned with smiles, bows and divine welcome, the individuals of are going make you feel welcome and revel in The mosaic of cultures and colours that represents the culture and colours that represent the culture and folks of Ghana.

10. Home Away From Home

Ghana has additionally been home to many people within the immigrant community who would love to settle far from their original counties.

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