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Tips to Help Plan a Surprise Vacation for Your Significant Other

Really want to plan a surprise vacation for your lover for a special holiday? These are the tips to help plan a surprise vacation and make it a memorable one!

By Rachel BlanchardPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Just planning a vacation with your partner is literally so nerve-racking, because the two of you are trying to agree on a destination, when to go, how to go, what to pack, and the questions just keep coming and coming. But planning a surprise vacation for your lover? Now that's even more frighting. However, it doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds. If you really want to plan a surprise vacation for your partner, do it! Don't stress out, because there are definitely tips to help plan a surprise vacation.

From picking the destination to scheduling and giving lie after lie, it's actually easier than it sounds. If you're struggling over how and where too start, check out a few of our tips to give you some ideas. You also don't have to be alone when doing this, having a traveling agent or a friend will surely give you a hand to keep the plans hidden from your significant other. Just follow these tips and your surprise will be kept a secret until the two of you are heading to the destination!

Pick a location your significant other would die to go to.

This is the main step when planning a surprise vacation; where will the two of you go?! Bahamas? Greece? Miami? If you exactly know what place your lover has been wanting to go to, because she doesn't stop talking about it, make it happen. If she's been dreaming of spending the weekend at Miami... perfect! It's so much easier when you know where she would love to go.

But if you're unaware of a destination, just pick a place where you know the two of you will have a blast at. Whether the two of you enjoy relaxing during vacation or going on crazy adventures, there's a location for everyone to spend a few days at.

Don't use a shared credit card.

Avoid using a shared credit card is one of the more important tips to help plan a surprise vacation. Since you'll be using a credit card to pay for everything, don't pay with a card where she can check out the bill online or on a letter through the mail. Because if she finds that you've spent thousands for flight tickets, a luxurious resort vacation package, and all the additions... she'll have some questions for you.

Whether you sign up for your very own credit card beforehand or come up with a different method to pay, you should be more than fine. Your wife won't be able to see your bills if everything is under your name and only your name.

Make sure your time is properly scheduled.

Among the tips to help plan a surprise vacation, this is super crucial. If you know that your husband's few days off of work is coming up, pick those days to spend the surprise vacation at. Unless you have absolutely no idea what days will be ideal, a weekend getaway is sure to be the safest idea.

You can also check what days are perfect if your husband is the type to jot down any events on his calendar or agenda. Don't do it on a weekend where he has an event or during the busiest week of the month. Timing is tough, but there's always a way to find out the best days to spend the surprise vacation on.

Don't forget about the budget you'll spend.

Um, vacations aren't pocket money! Depending where the two of you are going and how long, it can be an expensive trip. If you're not willing to spend too much, a weekend trip within the country is perfect, because there are still so many places the two of you haven't head to yet. Or if you don't have a budget, get out of the country! Check out Switzerland, roam... Rome, or any other beautiful city in Italy.

Whether you choose a weekend vacation to Boston or a week vacation in Paris, the whole point of the surprise vacation is spending it together. The thought counts, too, because you and I both know that planning this isn't a walk in the park, nor is it impossible.

Create a secret email address for all confirmation emails.

Similar to avoid using shared credit cards, don't use an email address the two of you use. You'll be using an email address to book flight tickets, spa appointments, hotel room booking, etc., and the last thing you want to know is your wife reading all of it through the email address you guys share.

Instead, you can easily make a secret email address for all the confirmation emails to fall into. This way, you'll see that everything is confirmed and your wife will have zero clue about it.

Try to limit who you're telling the surprise to.

From the useful tips to help plan a surprise vacation, you seriously shouldn't tell the surprise to many people. There's a chance that one of them will slip the secret to your husband and everything will just fall apart. Then you'll really regret telling that one person. Just let your lover's parents know along with yours and one or two friends. That's it. No need to tell the whole world, because it's a surprise and it should be kept as one.

However, if you do need sincere help with planning this all out, it's more than okay to ask a friend for help. If you trust no one, hire a travel agent to do all the planning for you! This way only you'll have communication access with the agent and not your husband. Plus, travel agents can book everything in a breeze and make it all happen for the two of you!

Make a list of plans to do during the stay.

Now that you picked a destination, booked the flights, booked a stunning hotel room, it's time to figure out what the two of you will do throughout the days. Maybe reserve a spa day? Reserve tables at fine restaurants? Know what's around the area the two of you will be staying at and planning the days won't be as difficult.

If you know your wife is up for adventures, reserve a few sporting activities to partake in. Or if she can't get enough of art museums, surely there's one or two somewhere around the hotel you're staying at. Your wife isn't adventurous and just loves to relax during her vacations? Spend the days kicking back on the beach and book a couple's massage!

Giving little white lies won't hurt anybody.

We all know that lying to our significant other is a big no-no, but when it comes to tips to help plan a surprise vacation... it's a yes-yes. In the midst of planning a huge surprise vacation for your lover, things can look pretty shady with you and he just might ask you "what's going on?" or "why are you being so suspicious lately?" Telling little white lies won't harm him and it's literally the only way to keep the vacation a surprise.

While your husband may jump to conclusions, try to let him know that everything is fine and nothing odd is going on. After telling lie after lie, it'll definitely be worth it in the end when the two of you will be flying in the airplane and laughing at all the lies you've been telling him. Just keep the lies light, and everything should go smoothly.

Packing can be tricky, but it's not impossible.

Uh-oh... packing! Yes, I know you almost forgot about packing up your as well as your partner's belongings! This is a tricky one to do, but it surely can be done. When your wife either heads out to work, out with friends, or anywhere else for a long period of time, use this time to pack up necessities for the trip. But make sure you do this a day or two before heading out.

If you suddenly start packing a couple of days before the trip, there's a chance your wife will discover that a few pieces of her clothing are missing. She'll then become suspicious and will start asking you tons and tons of questions. Pack a day or two before to prevent the suspicion creeping up behind her.

Make it happen and have fun!

Finally, from the tips to help plan a surprise vacation, taking your lover to the airport is pretty easy if you still want to keep it a secret. You can easily call one of your parents or friend for help. On the day your husband goes to work, call up your friend and stuff their car trunk with the luggages. Once your husband returns from work, tell him that you reserved a table at a fine restaurant and request an Uber to take the two of you there.

When he finds out that the Uber isn't taking the two of you to the restaurant but the airport, your husband will surely be surprised! And your friend can meet the two of you at the airport with your luggages and it's time to head to your romantic getaway!

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