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Most Luxurious Resort Vacation Packages

These are currently the most luxurious resort vacation packages currently on the market. Can you afford any of them?

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Much like there may be a race to see the most expensive cocktails ever made, there's currently a race among resorts to see who can create the most luxurious resort vacation packages. These packages are designed to be hyper exclusive and insanely costly.

At the same time, they also are expensive for a reason. These vacation destinations are made to make you and anyone you bring feel like a king. Even so, the price would be offputting for any millionaire we know. Would you ever want to spend some time in these places?

Musha Cay

This private island, which is located on Copperfield Bay, is a resort that is specifically designed to cater to people who want to rent out their own private island for a while.

With their most expensive all-inclusive package, a party of up to 24 guests get to have their own private island guest house that's fully equipped with all the gourmet, chef-prepared food and wine you can get. The entire island is yours to do whatever you feel like doing here.

Additional luxuries include a full staff to cater to your every whim, with many activities including things that are handcrafted "adventures" to enjoy on the island with your friends. The price stars at $37,500 for up to 12 guests per day.

For massive outings, Musha Cay regularly gets awards for being a venue with the most luxurious resort vacation packages in the world. We can see why!

Cayo Espanto

This decadent resort lies right off the coast of Belize, and is a private island that has four full acres to explore. Each lucky person at Cayo Espanto gets to have their own cabin with their own personal chef, dive master, and butler. Also, to make things even more impressive, you get your own private infinity pool at your cabin.

All-inclusive packages start at around $1,295 per night...or you could totally ball out by having an $11,000 per night stay while you rent out the whole island.

Much like Musha Cay, Cayo has also gotten ranked by multiple magazines as a place with some of the most luxurious vacation resort packages in the travel industry. Beach resorts never looked so good.

Matangi Private Island Resort

This breathtaking island resort is located right off the coast of Fiji, and much like many other resorts on this list, is a private island filled with wildlife and jungles that can be totally rented out for your own enjoyment. Here, though, you get to enjoy life in a luxury treehouse equipped with a private jacuzzi.

Packages are highly inclusive, give you three gourmet meals per day, and also have offers life free snorkeling lessons, lava rock showers, and more. This place makes most luxury hotels look terrible in comparison, right?

That being said, this luxury resort is great for both honeymoon vacations and family vacations alike. Prices start at $610 per room, per day.

The InterContinental Hong Kong

This isn't so much a luxury resort as much as it is a luxury hotel based out of one of the most populous cities in the world. Despite it all, we'd want to nominate it as one of the homes of the most luxurious resort vacation packages in the world.


Because of its Presidential Suite, which costs a whopping $13,000 per night. With the rental of the Presidential Suite, guests get a full package with tons of offers, including an in-suite IMAX theatre, a rooftop infinity pool and jacuzzi, a private gym, a dining room, and insane views of a cyberpunk utopia.

Adding to the glitz, the InterContinental's presidential suite also comes with the option to ride in a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or similar luxury chauffeured ride.

Grand Resort Lagonissi

Speaking of the most luxurious resort vacation packages, let's take a look at the package that's known as the the Royal Villa in the Grand Resort Langonissi. This hyper luxurious resort is based out of Athens, and is known for being one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

This luxury resort's gem is the Royal Villa, which is basically an entire spa that can be rented out for a single night. Beautiful pools, saunas, steam baths, and jacuzzis are all part of this masterpiece of a villa - and it can be yours for only $34,356 per night.

Oh, did we mention that it also gives you free massages whenever you want? We should mention that.

Sonora Resort

In British Columbia, you can't get more luxurious than Sonora Resort. This cute little hideaway boasts wildnerness tours, fly fishing, bear watching, as well as as a slew of luxury spa treatments. Surprisingly, this woodsy island is regularly cited for having the most luxurious resort vacation packages in Canada.

Renting a room here is basically the same as getting an inclusive vacation, since you get full run of all the resort's facilities, including a tennis court, sauna, personal instructors, and time at the nearby beaches. Rooms are spacious, and all meals (and drinks) are typically included.

It starts at around $500 per night, and we can't argue with that price tag. After all, that's a small fraction of the price other places on this article are.

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