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The Top 6 Weekend Activities in New Orleans [2024]

Weekend Activities in New Orleans [2024]

By lucywhitePublished 3 months ago 3 min read

During my quest to see all 50 states, I stopped at Louisiana, which is situated in the country's far south. It took 17 months to attain this goal, but finishing the first half of this thrilling journey was a lot of joy. We just decided on New Orleans as our destination because of its exciting, secure, and breathtaking environment. Book DTW flights to New Orleans city is a must-visit location for travelers wishing to explore the southern United States because of its fantastic cuisine and welcoming locals.

Live it up on Bourbon Street

In contrast to other cities, Bourbon Street lets all people partake in the festivities, including those that take place at night. Unlike the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Bourbon Street is a destination designed for adults over the age of 21 and is not simply for kids.

Known for its many pubs and strip clubs, Bourbon Street doubles as an outdoor nightlife complete with sidewalks and pavement. The street is less busy during the day as visitors choose to stay away from the nightlife. But during the day, Bourbon Street is still entertaining with its souvenir shops, boutiques displaying NOLA's interest in the occult, and street performers. Chess players and buskers are also common, making it a fun place for guests to visit.

Café Du Monde is where you get powdered sugar on your shirt.

Everybody's weekend should include a visit to Café Du Monde, which is situated off Decatur Street in the French Quarter district of downtown New Orleans. Known for its beignets—deep-fried, square-shaped bites of dough coated in powdered sugar—the eatery has been around since 1862. The beignets are a big part of the event, especially when they're presented with significantly more powdered sugar than usual. Desserts are served in sets of three, which makes them ideal for lone dining. Served in trios, the sweet treats let patrons indulge in getting all the sugar on their shirts and trousers.

Experience JAMNOLA's vibrant artwork all around you.

The first three rooms of the museum—which stands for Joy, Art, and Music—offer guided tours so that guests can explore on their own. The museum also provides lots of photo possibilities, with colorful backgrounds that make for amazing pictures. JAMNOLA is a must-visit for anybody interested in discovering New Orleans' unique culture, but space is limited for each trip.

Take a swamp trip to see alligators in the wild up close.

Travel bloggers frequently ignore the famous swamp tour as a unique experience that New Orleans has to offer. A two-hour swamp excursion in a small boat with about twenty persons is provided by Cajun Encounters in New Orleans. Alligators can be seen up close on the trip, but they cannot be touched. The excursion also offers views of other natural wildlife, like egrets and turtles. Depending on the weather, it's advised to eat before the tour and wear long sleeves to guarantee a memorable experience.

At the Museum of Death, celebrate your life.

Exhibits at the Museum of Death paint a picture of horrific incidents including the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the murder of Sharon Tate. Photographs and videos are not permitted, and the exhibitions are restricted to authentic newspaper copies. A fascinating and educational experience, the museum is about the size of a basement in a typical house.

Explore Magazine Street

Tourists frequently miss Bourbon Street, one of New Orleans' most famous streets. Though it passes through several neighborhoods, including the Garden District and downtown, Magazine Street is a lesser-known gem that is well worth investigating. If you're interested in learning more about New Orleans, schedule a flight from Detroit to New Orleans.


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