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By Rhea SAPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The most popular and highly visited among the emirates in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai. It is known to be one of the most expensive places you can visit but this city is a standing symbol for luxury. Apart from that, it has a lot of man-made wonders, wonderful architecture and great resorts to stay in. But somehow most tourists who visit this city tend to get overpowered by the hustle and bustle. Hence they look out for getaways even on vacations. One such special place is Al Qudra Lake. it is known to be one of the best BBQ spots in Dubai, and you should surely try out barbequing and campfires during your stay here. But if you are not so fond of camping and the adventures that follow, here is a list of things you can do during your time here.

Some love tales on at the Al Qudra love lake: before I say anything, just google this lake and see for your self. Known to be one of the most romantic spots to visit, this lake is the symbol of love. It is located 10 minutes away from the Al Qudra Lake and has two lakes that take the shape of intertwined hearts and the word love that is spelt by the fauna. It has shade spots, many spots that are insta-worthy and selfie-worthy, fully equipped with facilities for you.

Spot the wildlife: this place is home to over 170 species of birds and animals, Al Qudra is every bird-watchers haven. This man-made attraction and the series of the lake serves as a natural habitat for the fauna. You will be able to spot a lot of black swans, ducks and flamingoes among the birds. And if you are lucky enough, you’d be able to witness few of the endangered species as well. Spotting animals here is a little rare, but most people have witnessed gazelles, rabbits and foxes here. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to feed animals here.

Image credits: Unsplash

Enjoy sunset views over the Desert Oasis: take your cameras, drive down to this lake during the evening and just sit back and enjoy the orange views. The evenings here are just magical as the sun sets over the dunes, and will just instantly reunite you with nature and its beauty in all. Come here and just remind yourself to never miss out on moments like these, as these are the moments which remind you of how privileged you are to be there.

Outdoor activities: the 86km path here allows you to engage in some cycling and also this track happens to be one of the best cycling trails in Dubai. There are two starting/ ending points - the Al Qudra Cycling Car Park near the Mira Oasis and the Teck Bicycle Store at Seih Al Salam. With huge places for parking, amenities and other facilities you can be fully geared to do some cardio or just have a pleasant ride.

Image credits: Unsplash

Catch some bites at Al Qudra’s last exit: with all these exciting things to do in Al Qudra, you will surely want to grab something for your hungry tummy. Your prayers will be answered at the last exit located right around the entrance, the food trucks here are known to be one of the best choices. They are open from 10 Am to 12 Am with a wide range of yummy choices to munch on after a long day of sightseeing.

Travel Tips:

Be very mindful of the transport you pick to get here, if you are travelling by car then make sure you pick out a 4-wheel that is suitable for a desert drive.

It is 40 minutes away from the Mall of Emirates.

Around the Love Lake area, you will not be able to find any food, restaurants or cafes so be sure to come prepared.

Al Qudra is home to many species of animals, be sure to be thoughtful on disposing of any waste that you have.

The nights in the desert are known to be very chilly, hence come prepared with suitable clothes and lots of warm water.

Doing the Barbequing and lighting on the desert grounds is not permitted, you could do it on a barbeque grill or pot.

Located along the Al Qudra road, this place is easily found on google maps as it’s on the outskirts of Dubai.

There are no specific timings for the lake, it’s open all year round.

Image credits: Unsplash

Now that you know these inputs, make sure you have a day or two set aside to cover these highlights at Al Qudra. Plan your trip to Dubai and customise your package as per your desire, with expert travel companies like Pickyourtrail. Be sure to make the best out of this emirate as it is one of the most expensive yet exciting locations to visit.

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