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Top things to do in Sikkim

A vacation to remember

By Rhea SAPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The paradise of a state is located in the northeast of India. This place is a perfect example of India’s naturally gifted places. Traveller around the world adore this place for its picturesque landscape from mountains, valleys and few lakes as well. With so many things to do for the visitors, this is one of the fascinating places in India. The most prominent tourist trips are certainly the trekking trips in Sikkim. Many trekking trails pass through woods, snowy mountains and uphill roads. Including the trekking trip, we take a look at the top things to do in Sikkim.


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The world’s third highest mountain in the world Mt. Kanchenjunga is located in Sikkim. There are a lot of trekking trips to this massive peak. The peak stands at an altitude of 8500 mt. The mountains covered with snow form an integral part of Sikkim 's scenery and serve as a lure for all the thrill-seekers. Dzongri, Singalia and Goecha La are few other famous trekking trips in Sikkim. There are several treks with different difficulties available. We assure you an extremely fun-filled vacation if you are trying out any of the trekking trips in Sikkim.

River Rafting

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A rafting adventure in the river of Teesta is known by travellers around the world. The Teesta River in Chumthang is situated almost 81 kilometres from Sikkim city. The wild waters of Rangit deliver ample challenge and excitement with their multidimensional rapids. It is the perfect location for photographers and nature lovers who want trance and calm The riverbanks have small hamlets and mountain peaks behind them, thick jungles and terrace areas. The whole trip would give you a sense of pride in your physical and mental strength.


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Paragliding is one of the most exciting activities to try if you are an adrenaline junkie. This turns out to be one of the memorable experiences when combined with the ice-covered landscapes of Sikkim. The capital Gangtok is known for the best paragliding spots in the whole of Sikkim. You get to choose between the crash courses and the ones that will fetch you certificates. Flying from the heights of more than 2000 metres is just surreal and cannot be matched. Best time to try out this adventure activity in October and that is also when the Annual Sikkim Paragliding Festival takes place. Other than Gangtok, there are several other remote places in Sikkim for one to try out Paragliding.

Cable car

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Cable cars might not seem very attractive for few people. But this isn’t the normal cable car ride. This stretches for a distance of about a kilometre. Again the landscapes of Sikkim make it very pleasant. This is also the second most tried out activity in the capital city of Gangtok. Unlike other adventurous things in the list, this doesn’t have an age restriction. You would be awestruck to see the completely snow-covered city from the top. This is operated on all days except the weekends from 8 AM to 4.30 PM. We assure you that this would reveal few of the best sceneries of Sikkim.

Ride on a Yak

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Not just the landscapes and sceneries, Sikkim is also a place where the animals like Ox and Yaks can be found. Yaks are massive creatures yet very friendly. The native people used these animals to carry people over the thick layer of snow. The yaks are dressed and have a bell around their neck. They are decorated Kids can get close to them and also take a ride on them. These yaks are found only in the parts of Sikkim. There are a lot of places to try out this. One of the famous places to try this out is the Tsomgo lake. Dzongri is another place famous for this kind of activities.

Temi Tea Garden

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As much as you see the mountains covered with snow, you will also come across mountains carpeted by tea plantation. The 435-acres of Tea plantation was established in 1969. One of the most famous and largest producers of native tea is Temi tea garden, producing around 100 metric tons of tea every year. This isn’t a private estate like most others in this place. The Sikkim government maintains and takes care of the plantation. Temi Tea garden also has an ancient British bungalow, where you can accommodate yourself for an evening. The bungalow is built in such a way that every window opens you up to the picturesque tea estate. Apart from that, you have fascinating tours that educate people with the methods of Tea processing.

These are a few of the best things to do in Sikkim. We at Pickyourtrail, help travellers with customizable itineraries to all the destinations around the world. Check out more things to do in Sikkim.


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