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My favourite Places

And Why I Love them

By Penned by RiaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The Beach 

My love for beaches is just too much. I could go there almost every day. It’s the way the warm breeze caresses my soft skin, the sound of the waves and the sweet smell of nature. In a world filled with industries, carbon, man-made infrastructures and a lot of activities here and there. A place like a beach just reminds me that I truly exist(because sometimes it feels like nothing is real) and that life is beautiful. It frees me from my worries at the moment and helps me see things from a different perspective. I don’t like swimming in the beach water even though I know how to swim, I just feel like I’ll get carried away by the water so I go forward a little and let the tides cover my legs just up before my knees. I enjoy it best that way. I also enjoy walking across the beach near the water and digging into the sands with my legs. Playing games there are pretty fun too.

Game houses 

Growing up, I don’t remember going to many game houses but now I’m all grown up, I like game houses because I get to play my favourite games with different people. I once played this scary zombie game in virtual reality and funny enough, I didn’t scream or get scared a bit and that’s because I already made up my mind that I won’t get scared while playing, unlike others who were also playing there. Another reason why I love the game house is that I play some games well so I love to show off my skills but if it’s a game I don’t know how to play yet, as a fast learner, I enjoy the experience even more. I also love car racing games and fighting games. Then there are other table games I could play. So many options to keep you entertained. Just love it.

Amusement Park 

I’ve been to the amusement park several times when I was young, I love artificial horse riding taking one up and down while going round even though I don’t remember riding on it because my parents felt I was small and would fall off from it. Remembering that just makes me sad but I’ve got no worries because I’m going to ride on it now I'm an adult whenever I want. I remember going into the scary house inside the amusement park, it kept getting upgraded every year to scare people more. Going in there riding on a mini car, everywhere remains quiet for a short while then these scary dolls pop out from nowhere with red faint lights going off and on. I remember the way my sister screamed all through the journey which made it a thrilling and interesting experience. There are other fun games and ridings to do. And there’s the roller coaster, that’s the cherry on top.

The Park 

I love open wide parks covered with fresh short grasses. Can have a picnic there with my loved ones or friends if it is allowed there. Then I love those long walks at parks either walking by myself and clearing my thoughts or walking with someone else. I just love open places, as the breeze touches me, it makes me feel closer to nature. I could just lie there and watch the clear sky and the birds flocking together or close my eyes and save up this beautiful memory in my head for as long as I can.

So these are four of my favourite places where I enjoy spending some time. If you haven't been to any one of these places, I’ll suggest you go experience it for yourself and see how much more interesting and simple life can be.


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