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5 Tips To Get Started Writing

When nothing seems to come to mind

By Penned by RiaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I'm a writer and I know how it feels when it's time to write but nothing seems to come to mind. It can sometimes be discouraging and frustrating.

But don't worry these 5 tips will help you get started writing fast again.

1. Look around you

Sometimes we tend to get unexpected inspirations and ideas when we look at the things around us. It could be the standing fan at your front, from there an idea such as '5 ways to maintain your home appliances and make them last longer', can pop into your mind. The truth is that we can write just about anything and everything because knowledge is infinity and no man knows it all. People are seeking knowledge and new information every day that can improve their lives, help solve a problem, help avoid a problem and so on.

2. Read something

I realised that whenever I read someone else's content be it a blog, a magazine, newspaper, a signboard, or a book, from those contents I get fresh knowledge, insights and ideas. Just a word from any content can bring new ideas into my head which will get me to start writing. You can even read through your old content to get inspiration.

3. Take a walk

Taking a walk can help keep us calm and think straight. When thinking clearly, ideas can flow in on what to write about. So make sure when taking a walk you go with your small writing book and pen or use your phone to write down the idea, that way you won't forget it before getting home.

4. Ask questions

Asking yourself questions can help you get clarity on what to write. You can ask questions like what will interest your readers? what is appropriate? Will this be helpful? What problems can I solve? What am I passionate about? And so on. Sometimes our brains tend to find and provide an answer fast when a question is being voiced out. Asking people around you questions can also be helpful.

5. Write about your personal story

You might feel like what's there to write about or feel like other people have written all there is to write. That's not true. No one knows your story better than you and even if they write what they've seen or heard about you, they still wouldn't know it all except you tell them the real and full story. Because there are things that happen in our lives that we alone can explain or tell in-depth. Others might not understand or explain what we felt at the point of experience, only we can and that's why individually we're unique.

People love and connect better with personal stories plus it makes them feel like they know you better. So on days when nothing seems to come to your mind to write about, you can write about something that you've experienced once. Remember, experience is said to be the best teacher but it doesn't have to be yours, you could learn from other people's experiences and they could learn from yours too.

Additionally, make sure whenever you're seeking a topic to write on, have a writing notepad with you for penning down whatever comes to your mind. If you do not write the idea down immediately, you might forget it. 

Also, there are some days a lot of ideas can flow in without you trying so hard. On days like this, write out all the topics and points flowing into your mind at that moment even if you aren't ready to start writing on them or you're not ready to publicise it.start


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