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Morning Stroll

by Kayla about a year ago in nature

Stride With Mindfulness

Morning Stroll
Photo by Chloé Lam on Unsplash

Imagine the sunrise at a lake. Everything's still. Everything's quite. A few birds chirp off in the distance. You take a deep breathe in and you slowly let it out. You feel a happy tingle in your body. Goosebumps may even appear. The fresh morning air with a hint of moisture wraps around you as you step out of your vehicle, welcoming you to the way of nature's life. You stretch out your arms and welcome it back. You are home. Earth. Innocent Earth.

Tall, green trees wait ahead for you. Shrubs hug around the trees and hang out in clutters. There are even a few wild flowers sprouting around in the area. They're all in sync, lightly swaying with the slight breeze that caresses your face. You think how it's such a beautiful morning. No one around to disturb such peace. You wonder why you don't do this often.

You begin to walk along a path. Not a sidewalk. Not a street. Just a natural path made from many other curious feet. With such a path, you wonder how you got so lucky to have it all to yourself. The ground welcomes you to venture further. Nature surrounds you and every tree you pass looks unique. You wonder how long the trees have been there. Have your ancestors strolled this path too? Did they too see the same trees? And the bushes! How long have the bushes been here? Did someone plant these trees and bushes or did nature simply create their own home here? You look up towards the sky while observing the trees. Such a beautiful sight. The light blue sky hangs above. So mysterious yet beautiful. Is someone or something looking down at you as you're looking up?

You continue down the path and see a glimmer up ahead. Calm water awaits your curious conscious. It's inviting. The lake whispers for you to come closer. As you inch more and more to nature's glass, you observe a vast lake reflecting the morning sun. You feel as if you can keep walking on forever in such a magical environment. The water is so still you have an urge to walk on it. Everything is calm. You take another deep breath and slowly let it out. Crisp. Refreshing. Revitalizing.

You decide to walk along the shore. Amazing how such a body of water claims an area. You think about how free flowing water is and how if one isn't careful, it could take you away forever. How powerful water is! Yet right now as you're walking along the shore it's calm, peaceful, and free. Birds hop along the shore with you, picking at the ground. Off in the distance you hear a rustle in one of the bushes. Life is happening all around you. Amazing how a human can walk through nature and the animals continue with their life, unbothered. It's inspiring. Everything about this experience is inspiring. It feeds you life as it should be.

You feel grounded. Secured. Your soul feels at peace and is thanking you. You smile. This is what life is about. Enjoying what Mother Earth has created for you. Such a simple happiness that we seem to forget in our day to day lives. You feel silly for letting work and responsibilities control you. And just like that, you snap back into your reality! What time is it? How long have you been out here? But then you question yourself. You have nothing to do today. Does it really matter what time it is? You look around again. The animals are still hustling and bustling around you. The trees still stand tall and strong. The water is still calm and the bushes are still huddled around the area. Not even your small problems affect what's meant to be. You take a mental note: Be like nature. Let yourself be free. You owe it to yourself. Let the Earth charge your soul. Relax. Breathe. Hang out with what Earth has to offer to you. Let nature be your therapy. Just be.

Often, we forget to stop and smell the flowers. Be free. Be connected with Earth. Respect all life. Respect yourself. Ditch the technology for a day and appreciate what's already here. Observe and don't overthink. Just be.

Thank you for walking with me.



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