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italy: venice

by Albert 2 months ago in europe
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Venice is the capital of the Veneto region and the most famous tourist city in Italy. Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, but its scenery is unique

When I landed at Venice's Marco Polo International Airport, the scene was almost identical to Hesse's description, except now it was speedboats -- water taxis and buses -- waiting to pick up guests.

The Grand Canal winds 3.5km through downtown Venice, flanked by tall, magnificent palaces. In the 19th century, many of the palaces on both sides of the Grand Canal were rented out. When the English poet Byron first came to Venice in 1816 and saw the Palazzo Mocenigo, a 17th-century waterside palace, he signed a three-year lease immediately. In 1887 and 1892, American writer Henry James visited Venice twice and stayed at the Palazzo Barbaro Wolkoff, then owned by the Curtis family; At the end of the 19th century, the famous actress Elainara Duther rented the Palazzo Barbaro by the Grand Canal. Many have become national museums, such as the Mozenigo Palace, rented by Byron and given to the government by Count Mozenigo in 1945, and the Water Palace, the former residence of the maverick collector Peggy Guggenheim. And the former home of playwright Carlo Goldoni, turned into an art gallery and an exhibition hall, respectively

Venice is the capital of the Veneto region and the most famous tourist city in Italy. Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, but its scenery is unique. Venice has been called a "floating city," but it really is an island built on water, built on water: both good and bad. No wonder the beauty of Venice is made up of water and Bridges, although it is certainly not convenient for the disabled, but Venice is famous for its small Bridges, many tourists take photos on them every year. Venice is the only city in the world where there are no cars, and few people ride bicycles: with so many Bridges, walking must be the easiest way. Let's reveal a secret: Venice also has its own "buses" and "ambulances", namely water buses and water ambulances.

The streets and alleys of Venice are made up of criss-crossing waterways. Some waterways are narrower than Beijing's alleyways and can only be accessed by a boat. The narrowest alleyway in Venice is Varisco Alleyway, where many tourists take photos every day. The ground floor of the old house is usually a boathouse for the residents.

In 1987, Venice was included in the World Heritage List. It has many famous and historic buildings, including the Phoenix Opera House, the Bridge of Sighs, Piazza SAN Marco, the House of Goldoni, etc. Venice's architecture, painting, sculpture, opera and so on have an extremely important position and influence in the world.

There are many film directors who have shot many films in Venice, because this makes Venice famous all over the world. Venice also attracts many tourists thanks to its many delicacies. Dishes not to be missed in Venice include Venetian cuttlefish noodles, pasta with clams, risotto with seafood, sardines in vinegar, and Venetian cookie. Anyway, the most special dish in Venice is the cicchetti, or "authentic Venetian snacks," which locals enjoy at 6 p.m.

Although we can't celebrate the festival this year, we can't help but mention the carnival in Venice. Forty days before Easter, all over Italy, from north to south, there is carnival cheer. People dress up and go on parades. Children are showered with confetti to celebrate the carnival, during which children like to turn into cartoon characters. Venetian mask culture is unique in European civilization, and Venetians have a long history of using masks as part of their daily life. The Venetian mask tradition dates back 1,700 years. The powerful and the poor can fuse together through masks. Behind the mask, social differences are temporarily erased. The mask is now the symbol of the Venice Carnival. When you travel to Venice, you must visit the traditional artisans of Venice, the Mascareri workshop is the most famous.


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