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How To Travel The World!

by Nicola Bayliss 2 years ago in travel advice

And Get Paid To Do it!

So you want to travel the world, and get paid for it? Surely that is a dream job to good to be true! Well, think again my fearless wanderlusting friends. There are ways that you can explore the world and stay financially safe, the truth about it is…..it’s not easy to do!

Of Course there are careers that can help you see the world such as flight attendants, pilots but we are talking a little today about self sustaining travel. You know what they say, you never work a day in your life if you love what you do! So let’s start at home.

Do you own your house, flat or even a car? Great! Why not rent these out before leaving to friends or family, someone trust worthy or you may find yourself coming home to well…Nothing. Get rid of any only junk you never use, sell it all on eBay or at car boot sales! If you don’t use it, sell it! Of course I have to say be sensible and save a large sum of money before you leave incase things don’t Go to plan. An incase of emergency fund I like to call it.

So aside from the money you can generate though renting your own goods at home you need to be building a good social media following. If you are going to generate An income from a number of sources, having a large following can help you massively. You need to give people a reason to pay you, being an influencer or blogger makes you more attractive to companies to sell their brand. Uploading videos to YouTube or Instagram is easier than ever, you don’t need fancy equipment to start and it’s a great way to find sponsors and even create advertising revenue.

A lot of your work while traveling will be freelance so make sure that you have an amazing portfolio that is guaranteed to get you work, your not the only person in the world trying to make it! Standing out will help provide more job opportunities, for example if I am traveling I always have my camera gear even if I am just on holidays. While in Corfu last year I took photographs and videos of the hotel, for free! Why? For my portfolio, I have photos that cover all walks of life travel, weddings, music, fashion, art you name it! Cover everything you can think of, that one photo or blog post you thought was useless could be what books you the big paying job.

Be prepared to wear many hats, and no I don’t Mean sun hats! You need to take charge of your finances, travel plans, job bookings, visas! The list goes on and on. Taxes and finances are easier if you have everything pre planned, for example if your writing for a specific company and they pay your wage when you submit, but check the laws on freelance working wherever you are in the world.

Remember that social media following we talked about earlier, this is where they will help you the most. Start writing blogs, recording videos and snapping those Instagram viral pics. You want to document everything you do blog about your travel lifestyle, the best things to do where you are at the time, hostel or hotel review, flight reviews these are all what you can utilise to gain an income online.

While you are traveling there are some great ways not to just make money but save the money you already have! Some hostels will let you spend a couple of nights for free in exchange for some good old fashioned hard work, get ready to scrub some questionable toilet seats! It’s not glamorous but who said traveling was going to be all glitz and glamor?

So If you think the list above is daunting and hard work, that’s because it is!

If you want easy, you are better of working towards a career in the hospitality industry, there are some amazing jobs and it makes your life a million times easier than doing it alone.

I am super lucky to have been able to work with amazing companies in the past, and visit beautiful places. More than that I have been lucky that I have never had to do those things alone, so if I can offer you any advice find someone you want to travel with! The work load can be split and you can enjoy more of the time spent traveling, not to mention those romantic sunsets!

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“There’s two things in life I am good at, telling story’s and taking photographs! But they are both the same thing really.” Born and raised in South Wales U.K.

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