10 Reasons You Need A Holiday

by Nicola Bayliss 2 years ago in list

Do you really need convincing to go on holidays? Okay here are 10 reasons why you need to book a trip today.

10 Reasons You Need A Holiday

1) Escape The Daily Grind

Working all the hours under the sun is soul crushing, even for those who like their job. Office workers are more likely to suffer a Vitimin D deficiency, so get yourself somewhere sunny.

2) Quality Time With Your Family

Finding time to balance out your family life is tricky. Family holidays are the perfect time to have fun together and reconnect. TIP exams can cause your children a great deal of stress, maybe book to go away after big exams to help them decompress.

3) Travel Can Inspire You

When on holiday your mind relaxes. Been stuck on a big problem at the office? You may just find the answers while snoozing on your sun lounger.

4) Body Mind And Soul

You automatically get more exercise when you travel, a dip in the pool or a stroll to the beach. Exercise creates endorphins which makes us feel much happier, not to mention the glow from all the Vitimin D you’ll be getting.

5) Having Something To Look Forward To

Sometimes in life, hope and having something to look forward to in the near future is enough to keep us going! I am not saying that booking a holiday is a cure to any illness, but when you are stressed with work or at home having something to look forward to makes a massive difference.

6) Learn Something New

Always wanted to learn a new language? Perfect! Book a trip to that country and buy tapes or a book and start learning, when you are there the locals will be more than happy to help you learn more.

7) Too Busy

Book a short break and include the weekend, if you take Friday and Monday as a vacation day you could take 15 short breaks in a year! (Depending on holiday allowance.) You don’t have to take three weeks spread through the year. I’m sure the office can cover you for two days.

8) Life Is Short

It really is! Our lives can change in the blink of an eye, don’t keep putting things off because of work. Sad fact is as soon as you're gone a company replaces you with someone else, you would have given your life and time to a business instead of living.

9) Have Fun

Holidays are perfect for a good time and indulgence. If you want to eat cake for breakfast for a week do it! Cocktails in the pool, why not? This is your time to enjoy yourself, take some time out from reality.

10) Stress

Mental Health is a major topic right now, and so it should be! Stress has a major role in depression and heart problems. If there is a particular time in your life that is usually more stressful, this would be a perfect time to get away. I don’t think a holiday can cure stress or mental health issues, but I definitely believe it can’t hurt to give it a try.

Here’s a bonus number for you, just in case 10 reasons are not enough!

11) Food

New places mean new cuisine to try! Imagine a fresh wood stove pizza in Italy, or Tapas in Spain. The world has many delicious treats for us to try, and if you're a foodie like me you will want to try everything. Expect to gain a few pounds when all inclusive!

There you have my top 11 reasons to book your holiday today!

Nicola Bayliss
Nicola Bayliss
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