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How to Recover From Air Travel

by Aurora Gianna 6 months ago in travel tips

Tips to reduce the feelings of Jet Lag

If you are somebody who travels quite a lot, whether it be for business or other reasons, jet lag will be one of your biggest headaches. Here are a few things you can do before and after your flight to avoid jet lag.

Prepare for your flight in advance

If your travel is going to take you to a different time zone it is best for you to prepare for that time zone way ahead of the trip. Start a couple of days or even a week in advance and slowly adjust your routine, especially your sleeping and eating schedules. When it comes to the day of your flight, try to do everything with the timing of your destination rather than where you are right now. Going through this process will help your body gradually adjust to the new time zone so that when you get to your destination jet lag will not hit you at all.

Go out the moment you land

One of the worst ways to recover from jet lag is to crash in your bed the moment you arrive at your accommodation. If you are flying to Zambia for instance, dump your luggage at a Livingstone hotel the likes of Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara and step out immediately without even letting yourself relax. The beds will definitely look tempting but do not give in just yet, freshen yourself up, walk outside and let the local sun work its magic on you. If it is a mealtime at your destination, grab yourself something to eat and come back to the room only to sleep.

No coffee or alcohol at least 12 hours before your flight

People usually end up drinking coffee to stay awake during a long flight or after in hopes of staying awake once they land at the destination, but coffee or alcohol should strictly be avoided as it makes jet lag worse. Once you land, instead of hydrating yourself with these things, it is better you hydrate yourself pretty well and have a lot of water during the flight, before the flight or after the flight. The more hydrated you are, the better you will feel once you land. Try and have some water even while you are at the airport, so you won't crave things like coffee or alcohol that are offered on the flight.

Choose an overnight flight

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag once you land in a new time zone is to go for an overnight flight. This means you will sleep while you travel to the place and you will wake up fresh, especially if it is bright and sunny at your destination at the time you land. Since you've already slept pretty well during the flight, you will be wide awake and ready to handle things when you get there. Thus, you would have beaten the jet lag unconsciously.

Change the time in your watch

Jet lag is a physical thing but it is also quite a psychological effect you have when you travel from one time zone to another. Changing the time in your watch subconsciously decides how you must feel at that moment. When you keep looking at the time you program yourself to that time and your body automatically behaves as it would at that time during a day at any time zone. For instance, if you regularly have lunch at 1 p.m, you will get hungry when you look at your watch and realize it's 1 p.m. Ii your new destination too. Therefore, changing the time in your watch and even adjusting your cell phone time helps you overcome jet lag much faster than any other methods. This will also help you sleep and eat according to the time at your destination.

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