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How to plan a vacation to Xiamen

by Pavithra Jinadasa about a month ago in how to

Here are some guidelines on how to plan a successful getaway to Xiamen

Gulangyu Island,Xiamen|Image via Pixabay

Regarded as one of China's most popular tourist hotspots, Xiamen occupies pride of place in Fujian province. Home to some of the finest beaches in all of China, enjoying a beach holiday in the area is not the only option available to tourists. With a rich cultural heritage to its name, Xiamen offers travellers a welcome respite from cosmopolitan China. From finding the best hotels to making the most of one's time, here are some guidelines on how to plan a successful getaway to Xiamen.

1. Time the Trip

While there is no such thing as a bad time to holiday in Xiamen as the city is considered an all-year vacation hub, those who are heading to the area for the first time should time their visit. This is so that visitors can make the most of their time in Xiamen and enjoy the wealth of experiences up for grabs in this part of China. The official tourist season in Xiamen kicks off from April and goes on till November so tourists have several months at their disposal. The spring and autumn seasons are especially lovely in Xiamen and nearly every outdoor excursion and activity is accessible and readily available during these times of the year.

2. Find a Convenient Base

Regardless of one's budget, all tourists should try to find a strategically located rest in Xiamen. A centrally located hotel can not only offer visitors easy access to some of the main attractions in the area but also make sightseeing a less stressful experience. Whether you select the Pan Pacific Xiamen or any other similar Xiamen Hotels, it is necessary to consider where the venue is situated as well as its proximity to the area's main highlights. Those who are unable to find a strategically situated rest should instead aim to secure a hotel room close to some of the public transport hubs in the city.

3. Make a Sightseeing Itinerary

While it may not be possible to visit every one of Xiamen's main points of interest, tourists should read up on the many heritage sites and other attractions in the city and decide which sightseeing hotspots are worth the visit. There are, however, certain hotspots every tourist must tour at least once and these include the UNESCO world cultural heritage Mecca known as Gulangyu Island and the Tianwang Palace. South Putuo Temple and the nearby Nanputuo Temple are other must-visit sights in Xiamen while historic venues such as the Hulishan Fortress are also key landmarks.

4. Sign Up for Activities

In addition to hiking in some of Xiamen's scenic areas, visitors can also go for an unforgettable drive along Island Ring Road which passes through the Hulishan Battery and other iconic sites such as the Xiamen Shuzhuang Garden. Avid bikers can rent a bicycle to explore the picturesque environs of Kulangsu Huandao Road or organize a picnic at Bailuzhou Park. Ideally situated on Egret Island, the park with its captivating statues is the perfect venue to jog, bike or simply catch up on one's reading after a busy day of sightseeing. Wining and dining on Taiwan Snack Street is another treat all first-time visitors must enjoy as it is where local culinary delights are sold in all its variety.

5. Don't Forget the Beaches

No trip to Xiamen would be complete without spending time at some of its top beaches. Visitors can select a handful of white, sandy beaches to explore on their getaway including Baicheng Beach and the area's biggest seaside hub Guanyinshan Beach. Yefengzhai Beach is no less impressive with its amusement park and food court as well as the excellent conditions the beach provides for swimming and water sports activities.

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