How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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Family camping can quickly become one of the most memorable trips you had with your kids.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

Spending a few days in nature and doing a lot of different activities you can’t do at home can be refreshing and super exciting. However, to properly plan such a trip, you have to think about all the small details. Therefore, let’s see what the essential steps in planning a family camping trip are.

Pick your destination and route

Traveling with kids is never the same as having a trip with your friends. You have to think about the ways to entertain them. Hence, you have to pick the destination where they’re going to have a lot of space to play. Also, you should be far from wildlife because it might become a risk. When it comes to the campground, you can research which one has toilets and shower since it is very relevant if you plan to camp for more than one day. Don’t forget to read reviews. It could be beneficial, especially if you are struggling to find a suitable camp spot for every member of your family.

Make a reservation

Once you find the right destination, call and get your camping reservation as soon as possible. There is no reason to wait. Depending on the popularity of your destination, reservations are sometimes taken up to a few months in advance. Especially at the most beautiful national parks. Therefore, pick up your phone immediately or make an online reservation. However, there are some camping places where you can’t book a place. In that case, try to arrive at your destination as early as you can, so you can find a suitable site before others.

Check your gear

This step is the most important of them all. You have to think about all the essentials you’ll need on your trip. Make a list, and check if you already have everything, or if you need to buy a few things. Also, you should consult your kids on this matter – ask them if they need something outside of your list. Regardless of the type of your trip, you should bring a first-aid kit, camping mattresses, flashlights, hygiene packs, and all-important gadgets. Also, think about small details that could be relevant. You might need appropriate caravan privacy screens for extra sun protection and privacy. Besides that, think about cooking equipment as well as extra batteries for your devices.


Packing is usually the most annoying part of preparing a camping trip. People often can’t decide on what they truly need to bring. And then, they start overpacking, which is a terrible mistake. There is no reason to make your trip complicated. Think in advance, try to plan your days, and try to figure out how many clothes are you going to need on the trip. You want to feel comfortable in your car. Having more clothes and gear than you can put in the trunk can affect your mood negatively. Therefore, pick only essentials and have a pleasant trip. The same is with kids—talk to them and explain that there is no need to pack something they won’t wear or use. When it comes to meals and snacks, you should have everything prepared so you don’t have to leave the camp spot to buy food. Chop your veggies, buy meat, and make marinades. Also, pick up some snacks to have in the car—ask your kids what they prefer the most.

Plan activities on your trip

Don’t take this the wrong way; your trip should be spontaneous. But still, planning out your days could save you a lot of time. Also, it is impossible to pack the right gear if you don’t plan your activities. Kids would probably prefer football, kites, or board games. For parents, there are usually various exciting activities in camping places, such as fishing, hunting, or some healthy camping activities. Whatever you decide to do, it is essential to plan it on time, so you can bring the right gear, and save yourself a lot of time.

Remember, you’re not going on the trip on your own or with a few friends. Your kids need to have fun, and that is the most important thing to consider before choosing your destination.

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