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How to Pack for Your Next Beach Vacation

Happy Holidays!

By Amie GinendraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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As one of the most popular holiday options in the world, heading to the beach is an exciting prospect for most travellers. Packing for a beach vacation, however, can be challenging, especially for those who are travelling abroad to a seaside destination. From everyday clothing needs to special accessories required for water sports activities, here is how every traveller should pack for a beach getaway close to home or thousands of miles away.

1. Consider the Location

Those who are packing for a beach holiday hub should first and foremost consider the location to which they are heading. Travellers bound for exotic beach Meccas in the Maldives and Sri Lanka, for example, will need to pack more diligently than those who are simply driving down to the coast for the day. Another aspect to consider is the duration of the beach getaway as packing for a weekend at the beach is quite different from a two-week excursion to the Caribbean. The type of luggage one must carry will also depend on the location as those who are flying to their beach resort will need to pack their belongings in a sturdy piece of luggage suitable for air travel rather than the day bag one carries with a few choice items for a short getaway to a seaside town close to home.

2. Take the Weather and Local Culture into Account

The weather is an important factor for all beachgoers as inclement or rainy weather can not only spoil a holiday but also determine what type of clothing one must pack for the journey. Don't forget to take along a raincoat or an umbrella if rain is predicted during the travel dates while one may also need to leave behind one's fins and other water sports accessories if the chance of engaging in water-bound activities is low due to bad weather conditions. Keep in mind that vacationing in Islamic nations such as the Maldives also presents its own challenges as wearing skimpy bikinis will only be allowed within the confines of the resort so appropriate cover-ups and more conservative swimwear needs to be packed for such a trip.

3. Clothing Essentials

In addition to at least two pairs of swimsuits (in case one rips or is damaged in some way during the trip) one also needs to pack a number of t-shirts, shorts and sundresses to don during outings. Don't forget to pack clothing, especially nightwear that's made from light and breezy materials as humidity is an element one must contend with when in the tropics. Jeans and cotton shirts and tops are always a great option to dress-up during dinner meet-ups and other semi-formal occasions during a beach holiday. When it comes to footwear, a pair of sandals and some sneakers will suffice while socks are optional. Wide-brimmed hats will also come in handy. A water-proof beach bag is also necessary to store one's books, sandals and wallet when lounging by the beach or engaging in beachfront activities.

4. Toiletries

While most reputed hotels such as the PARKROYAL Penang Resort and most other Penang hotel establishments will provide a range of complimentary toiletries, it is wise to carry your own toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and soap during these difficult times as the pandemic is still a factor. In addition to personal care items such as hair brushes, deodorant and cleansers, one should also pack a large towel.

5. Health Accessories

Sunscreen is a must-pack item for any beach holiday while hand sanitizers, motion sickness pills and band-aids should also be on hand in case of emergencies. Insect repellents will also prove useful to those heading to tropical climates as mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies are a fact of life in most vacation hubs.

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