How To Pack for Singapore

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How To Pack for Singapore
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Sunny Singapore is a great place to visit all year round. Thanks to the fantastic tropical climate and uber-modern technologies that make this city-state a cutting-edge metropolis of the future, it is both comfortable, modern and packed with things to do, especially if you are travelling with children. If you are heading to Singapore for your next holiday here are five important tips to consider before packing for the journey.

Things You Should Pack

When you are packing for Singapore the first question to ask yourself is how long are you hoping to be there? Afterwards, consider getting a travel backpack if you don't already have one. This is a much better alternative to a rolling suitcase because it is less of a hassle to carry along with you. It will help you stay light on your feet when you are travelling. Once you've decided on the kind of backpack, make sure to take your sunglasses and swimwear along with sunscreen and any other forms of protection you need from the sun. Singapore can be quite sunny and humid. Pack mosquito repellent, a water bottle so you don't unnecessarily waste money on bottled water, an antiperspirant and a small day bag in which you can carry your electronics and laptop if you are going for business. Clothes should be light-coloured and breathable. Pack a pair of flip-flops alongside your shoes.

The Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is the only change in weather in Singapore. So if you are planning to stay longer and are thinking about lyf Co Living apartments where you can find aesthetic and modern amenities, in a co-living space such as lyf by Ascott then you might consider bringing along a pair of cardigans, a lightweight and waterproof jacket, an umbrella for the heavy days, not just the rain but the sun as well, and of course, rain covers for your bags.

Miscellaneous Items

Pick your chargers for your electronic items such as your cell phone, laptop and cameras. If you prefer you could also take along your toiletries. Keep you ID, passport and other important travel documents in a proper, waterproof case that can be locked and stored securely, whether at your apartments or about your person. Wet wipes are also a certain miscellaneous item that is often forgotten or overlooked but is a blessing in disguise after long days of exploring the city-state in the humidity and sunshine.

Apps for Singapore

Singapore, as mentioned above, is an ultra-modern city. So, downloading some good apps would make your life a whole lot easier as there is access to all kinds of online bargains, sales and options which can be accessed via the proper apps. It would make your public transport journeys a whole lot smoother and you will be able to gain discounts to certain restaurants as well as secret menus that can only be accessed through the app. The most important apps you should have on your phone is Google Maps, Uber, Grab Taxi, MyTransport Singapore and HungryGoWhere. Be sure to do some research before you go.

Don't Forget

Don't forget to bring along an empty stomach so you can try out all the delicious food that is available in Singapore, especially at the hawker centres. The hawker centres are famous and very easy to find, but they aren't the only places you can eat at. Tiong Bahru is a string of cafés, Al Azhar Food Court serves Asian food 24 hours a day and there are a plethora of theme parks you can visit.

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