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How to Spend a Week in the Maldives

by Peaushan Devanarayana 2 years ago in asia

Important Tips You Must Know

How to Spend a Week in the Maldives
Photo by Ahmed Yaaniu on Unsplash

If any couple is looking forward to having a romantic island escape to another destination, they will surely choose the Maldives over any other country in the world. The reason is, yes- the Maldives is absolutely romantic amongst the sun, sand, and bright blue seas surrounding you. Imagine how it would feel like to spend a few days of your life by the pristine beach amidst unbelievable hotel luxuries! Are a few tips on how to spend a week or so in the Maldives.

How long should you be here?

Needless to say, the Maldives is an expensive destination. So, the ideal time would be to plan one week (6 nights) here, as that will be more than enough to make you delighted. There can be many things to do in the Maldives, and all of these can be done within a week. It may mean a short stay, but never a boring one with less-lively memories. By any chance, if you decide to stay more than a week in the Maldives, opt for two hotels to feel a change.

Choose a great hotel

In the Maldives, it is advised to go full out and opt for a luxury stay. The Maldives is dotted with so many luxury hotels and resorts on many of their islands so choosing one to your liking will not be an issue at all. Yes, this may get a bit expensive, but, what’s wrong in spending a little more if that rewards you with a comfortable week? Choose any Maldives spa resort for your stay, and make sure you book your preferred choice much in advance. Resorts the likes of Faarufushi Maldives have the best offers and packages for their guests, and if you are lucky, you will be able to grab some cool offers at unbelievable rates.

Some extra activities?

Yes, why not! The Maldives is so much more than just staying indoors at a hotel all day. Plan some extra activities that you can engage in when you are there, and most importantly, budget for them. Some activities you can try out are sunset cruises, kayaking, diving (if you wish to explore underwater), and banana boat riding. You may also try some extreme adventures such as parasailing and kite surfing if you wish. But, if you plan an activity like island hopping, research on the charges beforehand, as sometimes the ferry rides or the speed boat transfers can be much more expensive than you expect them to be.

Being in the Maldives

Well, there are no hard and fast rules as to how you should behave in the Maldives when you are there. But, keep in mind that this country is a Muslim country, and you should always respect whatever the beliefs and the rules that they have. If you visit the mainland Male, it is advised to dress appropriately. Ladies especially need to be cautious and ensure that you don’t wear unnecessarily revealing clothes when you go out. You may however wear anything you want when you are at your hotel or resort.

About your financials and saving

US Dollars are widely accepted by resorts and restaurants in the Maldives, and you may also make card payments. But, keep in mind to have cash with you to use for the ferry transfers, taxis, and speed boats. Even when you are shopping, the local vendors are happy with just Maldivian rufiyaa so make sure you have their notes with you wherever you go. IDD calls will be cheaper if you use their SIM card in the Maldives as well, so it is always better to buy a local SIM which will just be around 3$.


Peaushan Devanarayana

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