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How to Make the Most of Your Manta Ray Snorkeling Adventure in Kona?

Manta Ray Snorkeling Adventure in Kona

By Kona Ocean AdventuresPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Today adventure tourism has caught the fascination of many millennials who are thronging places across the globe that provide them an opportunity to try something out-of-the-box. That is why Kona, Hawaii is one of the most sought-after destinations for people who are looking for an opportunity to snorkel with the great Manta Rays.

The Manta Rays are the gentle giants of the underwater world and people of all age groups love to swim with them. Here in this article, we will discuss the important tips to make your snorkeling adventure with Manta Rays a success.

 Is It Safe?

 Duration of the Boat Ride

 Snorkeling or Diving

 Maintain Distance & Weather Conditions

Is It Safe?

One of the first question that pops up in everyone’s mind who have no prior experience in snorkeling with Manta Rays often have this question in mind that whether it is safe to snorkel with the Manta Rays or not.

Well, by looking at the sheer size of the Manta Rays it is normal for anyone to be intimated but other than feeding on the sea plankton they are the gentlest creatures that you will find underwater. There is nothing to get afraid of Manta Rays and you can easily swim with these wonderful creatures.

You will be amazed to know that Manta Rays don’t have any teeth which will provide you with the much-needed assurance you are looking for. Furthermore, there are zero chances of the Manta Rays thinking of you as their food and attempting to harm you.

Duration of the Boat Ride

Another important factor you need to consider when going for a snorkeling tour with Manta Rays is the duration of the tour. Well, Manta Rays are a bit shy creatures and you have to exercise a lot of patience when going on Manta Ray tours.

Moreover, the cost you will incur on your tour will largely depend on the duration of the tour and besides that, if you are prone to seasickness then the duration of the tour will also depend on your comfort level. In addition to that, sometimes the duration of the trip can also get shortened because of inclement weather and rough water.

You need to ask your tour operator regarding their duration charges and if the charges get lessened when the duration of the tour is shortened. If you are concerned about your seasickness problem, then you can take preventative medication to avert it from playing spoilsport during your snorkeling tour.

Snorkeling or Diving

Now, most of the time people have this confusion in their mind regarding whether going for snorkeling with the Manta Rays will be a wise choice or should they opt for a diving session. Well, diving and snorkeling are completely different things and require different skills.

Especially, diving is a very advanced level of watersport and everyone won’t be able to pull it up. The experience you get from both diving and snorkeling with Manta Rays is unique in its own way. However, if you are not having any prior experience in diving, then diving with the Manta Rays is not for you because it requires a lot of skills and it is impossible to learn them in a short span of time.

However, when you are going for snorkeling then you don’t require any prior experience in snorkeling and you can just hit the water anytime with little guidance from an experienced guide onboard to help you with your snorkeling tour with the Manta Rays.

Well, with diving you can go below the Manta Rays and observe them from very close areas, however, this may not be possible with a snorkeling tour as you will be able to observe the Manta Rays from a distance.

Maintain Distance & Weather Condition

Generally, it is quite normal for people to get excited when they observe these magnificent creatures when they observe them underwater and most of the time people try to get too close to the Manta Rays and touch them but this is something that you must desist from strictly.

There are many state & local laws that prohibit touching the Manta Rays and you need to abide by those laws. Besides that, when going on a Manta Rays snorkeling tour you must take the weather into account before venturing out to the sea.

The weather has the potential to spoil your entire trip because, under inclement weather condition your entire trip can get canceled at the last moment. That is why you need to take into account the local weather conditions before venturing on your snorkeling tour.


The above-discussed factors are some of the most important tips that you need to follow when going on a snorkeling tour with Manta Rays. Moreover, you should get in touch with your tour operator as soon as possible because you should book your tickets in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

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