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How to get the best out of your Cairns holiday getaway.

Cairns is a tropical paradise for the backpackers

By Nilusha PereraPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Cairns Lagoon Pool Image by Alex Monckton via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

To allow you to make the most out of the allotted time in the tropical and luscious North Queensland, here's an article put together that will serve as a helpful itinerary.

Day 1: Cairns Lagoon

If you're planning to visit the tropical Cairns, a key point to remember is that you will not be allowed to swim in the rivers or seas here. Some massive saltwater crocodiles, also called the 'Salties', occupy the tropical waters of Queensland. They are masters of disguise and ambush attacks! People often assume they're not around as you rarely spot them, however, with some intent gazing you'll be able to spot those large bulging eyes keenly watching over the waters! Cairns Lagoon is the perfect place to enjoy the pool and take a swim. This large public saltwater pool, equipped with lifeguards and stunning views of the harbour, is situated on the Esplanade. The Cairns Lagoon is the perfect place to acclimatise to the warmth of the tropics! Besides, if you're looking for Brisbane hotels from where you can easily reach the famous attractions of Cairns, you can check out properties like Oaks Cairns Hotel.

Day 2: Waterfall cascades!

Grab your swimwear and climb into your car to visit the waterfalls close-by. A quick drive west will bring you to the famous Atherton Tablelands, where the popular Waterfalls Circuit is situated. You can take the road but to prevent getting delayed by coach tours, make sure to head here earlier in the mornings. Josephine Falls, another spectacular waterfall, is situated just around the south of Cairns. When the weather isn't been dry lately, you will be able to witness a natural rock slide. But always pay attention to the signage showing facts about the water levels. The rocks could get slick and slippery and the waters can get very strong too! This place also gets very busy as the day passes by, so get here early in the mornings if you can.

Day 3: The Great Barrier

You can't stay in Cairns for a few days and not visit the Great Barrier Reef. From personalised helicopter tours to large group catamarans, to small tall ships, there are endless tours you can choose from! Before you book a tour, shop around and decide what you want. As many tour companies have standby offers that run cheap trips on weekdays like Tuesdays, it will help to have flexible dates to tour around if you want the best deals! Usually, snorkelling expeditions are inclusive in these offers, although some providers do offer scuba diving as part of their package. Some include lunches and snacks too! Take a look at the alternatives and book the ideal tour. Be conscious of the fact that most tours rely on the season, so you do not head out to the reef in the inappropriate times! Many operators give you the opportunity to return on another day if a ride needs to be cancelled due to poor weather.

Day 4: Port Douglas and the Palm Cove

This is regarded to be the upmarket neighbours of Cairns! These places offer pristine beaches as far as the eyes can see. Get a cup of coffee at the Palm Cove beachfront boutique cafe, and then head up to Port Douglas! Port Douglas is located on the headland, and you can witness glorious sunsets and is one of the locations in Queensland that offers such experiences! These are guaranteed to offer views that you won't forget for a lifetime!


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