Hong Kong's Replica of Noah's Ark!

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Hong Kong's Replica of Noah's Ark!

In the Bible, the story of the global flood had Noah and his immediate family empathizing with two of every kind of animals in world with 8,000 kinds of them on the ark. The family saved a collection of animals from the deluge. A city located on an island east of the Pearl River delta in the South China Sea, Hong Kong thought of having a replica of the ark as a tourism destination. The Hong Kong Government in Tsuen Wan District built the most fantastic and incongruous creationist attraction appeal in 2009, but not with gopher trees. The Gopher wood was used in the erection of Noah's Ark (which is not yet identified).

My first thought was to quickly take pictures of this extraordinary ship, should the world come to an end at that moment. Anyways, this is on a lighter note, but I took the images. The tour leader approached me and whispered in my ear, "Are you done with your pictures, can we leave now?" I found nearby a big tree that looked strange. Maybe, this is the biblical tree of life that God created for the famous Adam and Eve.

The 51-feet high Ark's turnstile is always busy with lots of people, but we made it through. The garden statue is located on the side of the Ark with 67 fiberglass animal sculptures.

Don't be fooled—you might think it's real. Approach the work of art, and if you like, touch one of them. You will be very surprised that it is not real. But in reality, there are live animals including neotropical frugivorous birds, various species of small parrots that are usually bred in Australia and Africa, and turtles.

The entrance to Noah's Ark in Hong Kong, an attractive natural area, is located at the end of the Tsing Ma Bridge. It is believed that this bridge is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world that connects the small island of Ma Wan with other development cities. Ma Wan is indeed the closest fishing village. I couldn't believe that my eyes specifically saw superiority and resemblance to Noah's ship, as explained in the Bible. There, I felt that the ark was moving, but that was probably my imagination. When we walked a little further, we found a beautiful ventilable room full of modern technology. There is also an exceptionally built amphitheater for film lovers. Coincidentally, the screen was showing a film about the Great Flood—when we entered.

The Ark, which doesn't look much different from an ordinary water-born vessel, is a large Hong Kong property with fiberglass that flaps the size of an Ark in the old Testament—27,000 square feet. And if you look at it critically, it was well constructed by the developers. Outside the Ark are brilliant and luxurious houses watching over the beach.

As soon as these houses were built, the residents of Ma Wan Village were very happy with this development, and moved in so quickly. My memorable moment was the resort in the area. Noah's Ark Resort is a 30-minute drive from Mongkok, a district in Yau Tsim Mong's Yau district on the west of Hong Kong's Kowloon Peninsula. The recreation center has a separate dormitory with free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour beach front desk, and food and drinks. Noah's Ark Hotel is around 16.1 km from Chek Lap Kok Airport. Located about four km to MTR Disneyland Resort.

So How Did This Whole Ark Come About?

One of the inventors of this park, Disney a developer, visited Hong Kong in the 1990s. During his usual journey, he found Ma Wan as a catchy place, and thought it was a good site to be a park. He approached the field officers with an unsatisfactory bid. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government had bought a vast land from Ma Wan to sell it to global developers for bigger profits. The officials went for the highest price bidder—Sun Hung Kai, who carried the idea of​ Noah's Ark—and decided to build the park. Sun Hung Kai notes that there is no attraction for Noah's Ark in the world, and believes that this was a unique attraction.

Meanwhile, a certain group of people, including the Hong Kong search team, believed that this ship is the original, as in the Bible. The team searched about its authenticity 16 years ago, and proved that it was real. According to the group, in 2006, they strangely noted that the original pieces of wood used by Noah at the time were accidentally driven here from Mount Ararat in Turkey, where Noah's Ark landed. With doubts, the woods were taken to the University of Hong Kong, where respected scientists from the group proved that they were nearly 5,000 years old. And that shows that this is the real ark.

How to Get Here

The trip takes around 20 minutes. The journey from Noah's Ark to MOKO takes half an hour every day from 13:00 to 18:00 daily. There are also four bus lines serving Tsing Yi Subway Station, Hong Kong International Airport, Tsuen Wan Bus Station, and Kwai Fong Bus Station. Tickets are very accessible for every visitor, even foreigners. Just give your ticket at the entrance, and get access to the park and all the attractions throughout the day.

Mobile tickets are accepted, and this is instant confirmation. The administration of the "Noah's Ark" works 10 to 18 hours. Noah's Ark relies heavily on ticket sales, so any funds received from visitations to this vessel are used for repairs. The government of Hong Kong no longer invests in it. Ma Wan, the closest village next to the Ark, is an eco-friendly island and so vehicles have limited access. It's a five to ten minute walk from Park Island Bus Stop to the entrance of Noah's Ark. There are some interesting scenes that entertain adults and children.

Overall, as a country, only 11 percent of the people of Hong Kong consists of Christians for the entire population, but other religious institutions also support the Ark as a tourist base. This is consistent with the fact that the Ark is the only operating Noah's amusement park in the world. Yearn to explore the environment with emotional feelings!

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A passionate writer & editor with a zeal for creating exciting and innovative contents. Osei Agyemang is also a junkie fan who loves to visit and tell interesting sites around the world. He has studied Psychology and Journalism.

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