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Few Things I miss about Orlando's Florida

Something about Orlando's Florida

By roycarterPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

After earning a degree from Florida State University in 2018, the author, who was raised in Brooklyn, relocated to New York City. Despite having the desire to live in New York City, they chose to settle in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. They continue to miss the Orlando memories. Book DTW online flight bookings and create unforgettable memories.

Although Christmas in Brooklyn is wonderful, I long for a Florida Christmas' warm climate and palm tree decorations.

Orlando rarely encounters sub-freezing weather, in contrast to the fancies of many people who live there about snow, sledding, and icy conditions. People can still wear flip-flops in December, so the cold doesn't need a complete clothing change. Additionally, palm trees are frequently decked out with decorations and string lights, which seems inappropriate for Florida. Orlando delivers a more pleasant and cozy wintertime experience overall than some might anticipate.

Brooklyn offers a variety of BBQ and Southern food restaurants, but not all of them offer my preferred dishes.

Brooklyn is a great city for food lovers because it offers a wide variety of cuisines, from Japanese to Ecuadorian dishes. However, other delicacies, like boiled peanuts, are hard to find in Brooklyn. Served alone or as a side dish, spicy boiled peanuts make a tasty snack. Boiling peanuts are available in Orlando at neighborhood supermarkets or roadside pop-up shops. Despite its difficulties, Brooklyn provides a distinctive culinary experience.

Before moving to Brooklyn, I was unaware of how much I treasured space.

Compared to Orlando, which has just over 316,000 inhabitants, New York City, which will have over 2.5 million people as of July 2022, has a more diversified population. The city's closeness to surrounding neighborhoods can make inhabitants feel claustrophobic because they might hear neighbors fighting or flushing at three in the morning. In contrast, Brooklyn residents can access the roof of their apartment building whenever they need a moment, while one-story homes in Orlando provide privacy and seclusion.

Orlando's proximity to theme parks has always provided many entertaining excursions.

Brooklyn lacks the year-round excitement that can be found at major amusement parks like Universal Studios and Disney World in New York City. The two parks are accessible to people who live roughly 20 minutes away thanks to their high admission prices and accessibility. Preteen participation in the Mardi Gras parade at Universal Studios and going to Halloween Horror Nights with pals were two memorable experiences. Such amusement parks are absent from Brooklyn, but Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, which is close by and worth the trip, is a thrilling place to visit.

Orlando boasts a vibrant nightlife scene that won't drain my wallet.

According to a report by the financial advice website Finance Buzz in April 2023, Florida margaritas cost around two dollars cheaper than those in New York, even though Brooklyn is known for its expensive beverages. This discrepancy results from elements including the quantity of drinks, transportation, and bar snacks.

Locals refer to the Majesty Building, commonly referred to as the "1-4 Eyesore," as a landmark.

The Majesty Building, a well-known 18-story building in Florida, has reportedly been under construction since 2001, according to The Orlando Sentinel. The "I-4 eyesore" building is owned by the Christian independent TV station WACX and is financed by viewer donations, altruistic gifts, and grants. Despite being near Altamonte Springs, Seminole County, the structure appeals to many Central Floridians on a sentimental level, making it a well-liked tourist attraction.

Hurricane season is one Orlando feature I don't miss, though.

According to the National Hurricane Centre, Orlando's quality of life is greatly impacted by the yearly hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. Living in Florida during the hurricane season, which normally lasts from August 1 to November 30, means coping with toppled oak trees, flaming power lines, broken glass, and damaged homes. Book a flight from Detroit to Orlando if you want to learn more about the city.


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