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Dubai Business Visa from UK – 10 things to know

Dubai Business Visa - Things to know about Dubai business visa

By Dubai Visa ServicesPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Business startups in Dubai have turned many new investors into successful entrepreneurs. The investor-friendly policy of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates of the country has made it very fertile and progressive for business development. This has turned Dubai into a top destination for business startups across the globe, which has led to many foreigners setting up their business startups in Dubai.

To begin with, you must first apply for a Dubai Business Visa from UK. Learn about the Dubai business visa requirements and proceed with the visa application process. Know about some of the top business ideas that are best suited for startups in Dubai. Also, check out some essential facts about Business Startups in Dubai.

From Dubai business visa requirements to the process to apply for a visa and business startup ideas in Dubai, you will get to know everything in detail. Applying for Dubai Business Visa from UK is the best option to go ahead.

Top Business Ideas for Dubai - Tips for Getting a Dubai Business Visa from UK

  • Construction Sector- Dubai is developing rapidly with its infrastructure and industrial units. So try your startup business in the construction sector. It will give you excellent growth and profit. Go ahead with UK Visa Services and apply for a Dubai Business Visa from UK.
  • Travel and Tourism- Dubai is already one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With the increase in the number of tourists, there has been a good growth in the economy of the country. Tourism gives a lot of business options at a time. Travel businesses usually last for a long time if planned well before starting.
  • Real Estate Agency- The arrival of a large number of immigrants has given rise to the option of real estate business. You can easily start a business startup in Dubai that provides real estate services in commercial, residential as well as industrial sectors. Working as a real estate agent in Dubai is one of the best uses of the Dubai Business Visa.

After selecting the most suitable business idea for a long time, one needs to focus on the process of how to start a particular business in Dubai. Before starting any legitimate business in Dubai some basic requirements need to be prepared.

Eligibility Requirements before starting a business in Dubai-

  • Identify the business activity that you want to start.
  • Choose the jurisdiction of the business; Whether it comes in mainland, free zone or offshore zone.
  • Register trading name.
  • Get preliminary approval for company formation.
  • Get the necessary approvals regarding the type of business you have chosen.
  • Apply to the Department of Economic Development (DED) along with all required documents.
  • You will receive a business license in Dubai.
  • Now you can start your business in Dubai.

Before applying for a business visa, know what are the different types are. Choose the visa type that best suits your business. Check out the list below to know about the different categories of Dubai business visa.

Types of Dubai Business Visa from UK-

Select the best category to apply for a UK to Dubai business visa as per the duration of your business.

  • One Month Visa - Applicants currently living in the country will get a one month visa, and then you can convert it into a residence permit before it expires.
  • Six Month Visa- Applicants who live outside the country will get a temporary Dubai Business Visa which will be valid for six months. With the help of a multiple-entry visa, you can enter the country and explore the possibilities of settlement.

You can also convert your six months valid visa into a residency permit before its expiry.

After selecting the right type of business visa, the documents need to be arranged accordingly. Be ready with the following list of documents required to apply for a Dubai business visa from UK. Getting ready with the documents is the most important step in applying for Dubai Business Visa. Have a look at the document checklist before applying for Dubai Business Visa from UK.

List of Documents for Dubai Business Visa for UK Citizens-

  • Scanned copy of first and last page of passport with minimum 6 months passport validity.
  • Copy of duly filled Dubai Business Visa Application Form.
  • Copies of color photographs with white background.
  • Cover letter stating duration and purpose of stay.
  • Confirmed itinerary proof for travel to Dubai along with return ticket and accommodation proof.
  • Original and copy of Income Tax Return.
  • Cover letter from company.
  • Original and copy of your investment documents.
  • NOC from her father or husband is mandatory for female applicants traveling alone.

Be prepared with the right set of documents and apply through UK Visa Services. The process to apply for Dubai business visa through them is very simple and easy. The entire visa process is online. Submit online application for Dubai business

First of all, you need to get enrolled for Dubai Business Visa approved by the Business Incubators in Dubai. Once the nomination is approved, you will need to attach the required Dubai business visa documents with it. Once you have submitted the documents, proceed with the online payment of Dubai business visa fee.

That's all, the entire visa process is done. Now you need to wait for 24 to 48 hours to get email confirmation regarding approved Dubai business visa. Get e-Visa as PDF or JPG. Do not forget to take a printout of your e-Business Visa before starting your journey.

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