Create A Content Planner For Each Trip!

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This will help when writing about it.

Create A Content Planner For Each Trip!
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When you’re planning a travel trip, you will need to plan out what types of articles you want to write. You can get a lot of articles out of one trip. The more articles you can write about a single trip, the more money you can make from it.

It wouldn’t make sense to take a trip and run up a major expense to write one article. It isn’t cost-effective this way. The goal is to make money, not lose money.

So when you start to plan out your travel itinerary, start a list of possible article ideas. Your itinerary may revolve around your article ideas. Or your articles may revolve around your itinerary.

Some article ideas can include:

• What sites are you going to see that you could write about?

• What beautiful hotels are you going to stay in that would make great articles?

• What customs do the locals have?

• What special holidays and events are taking place while you are going to be there?

• What type of currency do they use where you’re going? What’s the exchange rate?

• What’s the weather going to be like while you’re there? What type of clothing will you need to bring with you?

• What are the people like that you have interactions with?

• What restaurants and cafes are there that you plan to visit? How was the food? The atmosphere? The prices?

These are some of the things you can write about. If something interesting thing happens on your flite, train, or drive, you can write about it. There may be other things that you find will make a great article when you are there. This will give you more opportunities to make more money from the trip.

If you have this list planned out you will be prepared to write when you get home. If you add to the list during the trip be sure to write it down. This way you won’t forget to write about it when you get home.

If you don’t want to write any articles while on your trip, be sure to take lots of notes, videos, and pictures. This way you don’t forget anything. You can also add your photos and videos to your articles. This makes your articles worth more.

What if you are going to be on your trip for more than a couple of weeks? You could take an hour or two each night to at least write the first draft of your articles. You can save the editing and polishing when you do make it home. You can also wait to publish them until you get home also.

There are a couple of great things about planning out many articles about your trip. One, you have several articles you can post to your blog. Then, you can also take all your articles and create a guide book to publish on Amazon.


As you can see, there are several advantages of creating a content planner for each trip you go on. By planning like this you will earn more money than if you don’t. You will have several articles earning you money instead of one, and you can have a travel book out of it. This travel book can earn you a lot more money. If you're wondering how, or why the travel book is so important I will tell you.

Say someone has decided to learn more about that part of the world and would like to visit it. They then buy your book and read it. After that, they decide they will visit that place. So they buy your book and use it as a guide while they go and visit the place.

This why you need to make it into a book. Then to make more money you can post all the individual articles on your blog or on Medium and Vocal. When you do this each article is also making money. This is why I have told you that you should plan a content planner for your trip.


Go forth and explore!


Go forth and write!

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