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Camping Gear You Need

The ultimate camping list

By Ada ZubaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
Camping Gear You Need
Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

Summer is creeping up slowly, with the warmer days and the longer days are just up ahead! So, this can only mean 1 thing camping season is soon here! Yes! I love camping and I have gone camping since I was little. These last few years have been lacking though, but this year I am going to go into the wild again! What great fun this will be! I've compiled a list of great things that you need for the great outdoors!

1. Camping is all fun and games but when you are face to face with a grizzly bear and her cubs, the last thing you want to do is get mulled by one! Safety first. Carry around bear spray in the car and in your tent! Well, this is not exactly bear spray but it is better than nothing:

2. We will be covering the safety things first! When out in the woods, you can smell the fresh air and the trees, but then we always forget about the bugs and we need to protect ourselves against anything possible. The best bug spray I find is the deep woods spray as I find it lasts longer.

3. When it comes to camping, there are different types of people that go camping and if you happen to be an off-roader camper you might need a life straw, you can drink from any stream in case you are stranded, this way you can survive!

4. Yes, I am still going to nag on safety the next thing you absolutely need is a first aid kit, in case you go hiking and stumble or you accidentally tumble on your own two feet. I had to go get stitches once while camping and we had no band-aids! So keep safe with this:

5. You need to protect yourself or maybe you need to whittle a stick. Get this great pocketknife and it comes with handy tools too! I got my husband this one year and it's been a life saver as he keeps it in his car.

6. When you go camping it's important that you have an axe to cut your firewood with or at least have a hatchet with you! Remember this is needed for smores and other campfire goodies!

7. Speaking of campfire, you will also need a lighter to get your fire going! It's big and you can get your campfire going in no time at all. Check this one out:

8. You can't have smores without roasting some marshmellows right? and in order to roast these marshmallows you need some sticks! these sticks are great because they are color coded, so each person can have their own and not lose it:

9. When camping, you need to hang up your towels or bathing suits up to dry and you will need some rope to hang it up, this rope might also come in handy if you ever find yourself dangling off a cliff. You don't want to leave your house without this:

10. When camping you want to take up as little space as you need, so this little fancy container can hold different spices for all your camping needs! It's so handy to have everything in one:

11. Even when camping you need a cup of coffee or maybe some hot chocolate around the campfire. So, you can buy these mugs, now these are metal so you can heat up the water over your campfire without it melting, they come in cool designs too!

12. What's great about camping is when you make sausages over the fire or when you roast anything with cheese over the fire too, but you might need a rack to get cooking. This one folds up so it makes transporting easy:

13. You tend to do a lot of things in the dark when camping such as brushing your teeth before bedtime and you need some light to see where you are going, so these lanterns are a great!

14. Which also reminds me in order ot go use the bathroom, you might want a head lamp as you carry your cosmetics bag to the washroom or the lake. This headlamp is so great because it comes with red light function, so you don't have to blind people as you go to the bathroom:

15. Speaking of light, i think one of these toques, would come in handy. If you're thinking what a toque is? in USA, it's called a beanie.

16. Yes, you might have a campfire for everything, but sometimes it's better to have a propane grill, which is easy use and it's gets things heated much faster!

17. Then you might need some propane to make it run:

18. I love camping, but one thing that always ruins it are the wasps that seem to be everywhere! We were once in a situation where we considered leaving because they were so bad, I am not doing that again. Not when I can have one of these:

19. The point of camping is to camp out in a tent, so guess what you need? A tent! I personally don't trust cheap tents, but this is a best seller:

20. Camping is no fun if you don't have camping chairs to sit in, i recommend this product because it comes with a bench!

21. This hammock is how you go camping, I love hammocks, they're great for a quick nap and you can read, or you can cuddle with a friend:

22. You cannot sleep on the ground when you are camping, well you could, but it would be very uncomfortable and you would not get a good night's rest and even if you camp out of your car, a mattress is still needed:

23. Don't forget your sleeping bag! Can you imagine how cold you would get without a sleeping bag! yeesh! I highly recommend getting one with a little hood like the one below, so your head does not get too cold:

24. For all your camping utensils and gear, it comes with all sorts of cooking supplies, utensils a small cutting board, plates and cups! check this one out and it's only 50$ for all of it:

25. If you are taking your furry friend with you, remember that they need to eat too, make it easy with this:

26. Everyone has a collapsibile bowl/plate or a spork with a cup that collapses too, this is great for the single camper:

27. The last thing I recommend is getting this tent that goes over your camping table:

That's it with all the recommendations you are all set to go cmaping! have a greta time outdoors and if you like these lists feel free to subscribe to get more! I am an amazon associate, so any of these links will help me get commission at no extra cost to you!

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