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Best Tourist Places of Ratlam mp India

Ratlam tourism

By Rajshree ThakurPublished about a year ago 4 min read
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Best Places to Visit Near Ratlam

atlam is one of the most beautiful districts in the heart state of India, Madhya Pradesh. There are many beautiful tourist places to visit in Ratlam district. There was once the rule of Maharaja Ratan Singh. There are many such places to visit here, which people come from far and wide to see. The first king of Ratlam was Maharaja Ratan Singh. This city is famous for sev, sona, mawa, sari and dal baati. Ratlam's most famous is Ratlami Sev.

The city was named Ratanram by combining the names of Maharaja Ratan Singh and his son Ram Singh, which later changed to Ratram and then Ratlam respectively.

Ratlam has a good market for gold and silver jewelry . Chandi Chowk being the main area, where gold and silver jewelery is heavily sold. Ratlam attracts a large number of tourists.

This bird sanctuary is located in Selana village of Ratlam city. Hence it is also called as Sailana Bird Sanctuary. The main attraction of this sanctuary is the rare Kharmaur bird species. This sanctuary also provides safe shelter to various migratory birds. These sanctuaries are spread over an area of 13 square kilometresKharmour Bird Sanctuary was established in the year 1983. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between July and September.

Kirti Stambh Sailana Ratlam

Kirti Stambh is an ancient building located in Selina, Ratlam. This pillar was built by the then King Jaswant Singh. This pillar was constructed between 1859 and 1919. This Kirti Stambh is made of stone and lime. This pillar was constructed as a memorial pillar on the completion of 100 years of British rule. Stairs have been made to go up in this pillar. You can go to the top of this pillar and get to see the beautiful view all around.

Dholwad Dam

Dholwad Dam is very popular among the tourists visiting here. This dam is located in Rati which is 25 km away from Ratlam. The view around the dam is quite breathtaking. Here tourists like to watch the sunset and enjoy the calm air and calm atmosphere.

Dholawad Eco Tourism Park Ratlam

You can enjoy many water activities at Dholawad Eco Tourism Park. Dholawad Dam is very beautiful. You can enjoy water scooter here. You can enjoy hot air balloon. You can enjoy boat ride and banana ride. Can do mountain biking and archery. You can enjoy camel horse ride.

Shri Kedareshwar Mahadev Temple

Shri Kedareshwar Mahadev is the temple of Lord Shiva. This temple is surrounded by beautiful hills on all sides. If you come during the rainy season, then you get to see the waterfall here. There is a deep pool here. The waterfall falls on a pool. This place is surrounded by high hills on all sides. Here there is greenery all around during the rainy season.

Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam

The place is very beautiful, this place is surrounded by greenery. Here you can see many islands. You can come here to have a picnic one day.

Garh Khankhai Mataji

The temple is situated on the bank of Mahi river. One gets to see a panoramic view of the Mahi river from this temple. During Navratri, a crowd of people gather here to have darshan of the mother. The view around here is amazing. Garh Khankhai Mataji Temple is a famous temple of Ratlam city.

Kalika Mata Temple

This temple is located in the main city of Ratlam. Kalika Mata Mandir is a famous temple of Ratlam city. A 10-day fair is organized in this temple during Navratri, which is visited by the people of the city. Garbe is organized here during Navratri. This temple is very ancient and it is said that this temple is related to the royal family.

Ashtapada Jain Tirtha

It is a religious place of Jain community. Coming here, you get to see a very beautiful temple made of marble. There is more food available to stay here. This temple looks amazing.

Cactus Garden Sailana Ratlam

Cactus Garden is a major attraction of Ratlam city. Here you get to see many species of cactus. This garden will be about 22 kilometers away from Ratlam city. This garden is located in Sailana in Ratlam city. This garden is the largest cactus garden in Asia. You also get to see a Raj Mahal here. The cactus plants in this garden have been brought from outside. Some of these species are Indian. The Cactus Garden was established by Raja Digvijay Singh. You also get to see a Raj Mahal in the Cactus Garden, in which the kings used to reside here. This palace is now closed.

Bibdoud Teerth

The Bibdoud teerth is one of the most important centers of Jainism. The temple has a 2.49 feet high statue of Adinath Bhagwan. The temple is believed to have been in existence even before the 13th century.

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