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Best Tourist place in Chhindwara MP

Chhindwara picnic spot

By Rajshree ThakurPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Best Place to Visit Chhindwara

Chhindwara is a beautiful city in the heart state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Chhindwara is inhabited by the abundance of palm trees present in the foothills of Shivalik hills. The literal meaning of the name of the city of Chhindwara is something like "Chhind" means date palm and "Wada" means site. In this way the name of this city became Chhindwara by mixing two words.

1 Patalkot

To see the beauty of the hill of Chhindwara, tourists come from far and wide to see Patalakot here. This area is situated in the Tamia hills of Chhindwara city. Also, this area is very popular due to its natural beauty and special geographical location. Patalkot is the center of a fascinating plot with a depth of about 1200 to 1500 feet. The shape of this plot is like the letter U of English. If you sit on the top of the valley and look at this place, it will look like some horseshoe. A mythological story is also associated with this place.

2 Deogarh Fort

You can start the Chhindwara tour from the historic Deogarh Fort . The distance of this fort is 39 km from the main city. This ancient fort was built on a hill with deep valleys and dense forests. According to the information the Deogarh Fort was built by the Gond king Jatav. It was the capital of the Gondwana dynasty till the 18th century. At the same time the architecture of this fort is influenced by the Mughal style. It is a huge fort and its beautiful buildings impress the tourists a lot. Also, this place is better for tourists interested in knowing history.

3 Jamsanwali Hanumanji

As we all know that every administrative officer in the district or the state conducts public hearings in a week to solve the problems of the people. But have you ever heard that God also conducts public hearings. And not only this, here they also take the problems of devotees in the form of written application. Let us tell you that this court of Mahabali Hanuman is held in Chhindwara, where on every Tuesday and Saturday, devotees give their problems to Kesari Nandan Hanuman ji. At the same time, it is also said about this temple that this temple is the second east facing Hanuman temple after Ayodhya where devotees come with their own problems. It is said that this temple is thousands of years old. Here Pawan's son Kejri Nandan is sitting under a neem tree. Here Hanuman idol is present in child form.

4 Tamia Hills

Tamia is a beautiful hill station about 45 km from Chhindwara, which is a very favorite place for tourists to visit. Also from here you can enjoy the amazing beauty of the range of Satpura hills along with Chauragarh and Mahadev hills. From here you can also enjoy the natural attractions spread far and wide. The view of sunrise and sunset is very picturesque from hereAway from the hustle and bustle of the city life, it is a relaxing place that is frequented by nature lovers and tourists.

5 Chhota Mahadev

The caves of Chhote Mahadev are located on the Tamiya hill, 50 km from Chhindwara. It is crowded during Mahashivratri. The specialty of this place is that the water from the natural springs rises on the Shivling.

6 Chavalpani Hot Kund- Anhoni

Unholy village located in Tamia tehsil of Chhindwara city where a wonderful Hot water pool seen here in wich boiling hot water throughout the year Scientists believe that There is abundant sulfur present under the temple, due to which this water boils. It is believed that skin diseases are cured by this water. Local people call it the form of a goddess .

7 Machagora Dam Chhindwara

This dam is situated at a distance of 35 km from Chhindwara district. This dam is a popular tourist spot in Chhindwara district. This Machagora dam built on the Pench river gets filled with water during the rainy season. The dam looks more beautiful during the rainy season than the rest of the season. When the entire gate is open the view that remains here is very spectacular. A lot of people come here every year during the rainy season to see this panoramic and wonderful sight. You can come to this spot for a picnic with your family. There are eight gates in Machagora Dam. It is situated near a village named Chaurai in Chhindwara district.

8 Ghoghra Falls Chhindwara

This waterfall is just a short distance away from Jam Sawli Temple located in Chhindwara. This is an attractive waterfall. You get to see this waterfall during the rainy season which looks very interesting. During the rainy season this waterfall is completely filled with water which lasts till the winter time and dries up completely during the summer time. You can come here and spend a good and joyful time. This waterfall will be at a distance of about two and a half kilometers from Jam Sawli Hanuman Temple. This waterfall is very close to Jabalpur Nagpur Highway

9 Maa Hinglaj Temple Chhindwara

Apart from Balochistan state of neighboring Pakistan, the temple of Maa Hinglaj is located in Chhindwara district. The fame of this temple is far and wide. Maa Hinglaj Temple is located in Gudi Ambada of Chhindwara. Which is a coalfield area. Devotees also start gathering as soon as Shardeya Navratri starts in Maa Hinglaj Shaktipeeth. The idol of Maa Durga was installed in Sheetla Mata Mandir, Maa Durga Mandir Ambada and Khedapati Temple including Hinglaj Temple.

10 Bhartadeo Park Chhindwara

This place is situated on the banks of river Kulbera, which is a very beautiful park located in Chhindwara. There is greenery around this park. Along with this, you also get to see many rocks here. The view here becomes even more picturesque during the rainy season. And apart from this there is also a man-made lake in this park which is very nice to see. You can come here and experience peace. You can also visit this place with your friends and family.

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