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Best Tourist Places OF Dindori (MP) India


By Rajshree ThakurPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Credit - www.dindori.co.in

Best Tourist Places of Dindori ( MP) India

Dindori district is a part of Madhya Pradesh state. Dindori district was established in 1998 by bifurcating Mandla district. Dindori district comes under Jabalpur division. There are three tehsils in Dindori district - Dindori, Shahpura and Bajag. The main tribes here are Baiga and Gond. The Baiga tribe has the status of a national human. The holy river Narmada and Budhner river are the major rivers of Dindori district.

There are many historical, religious and natural tourist places to visit in Dindori district. The main scenic and tourist places are as follows -

(1) Ghughwa Fossil National Park -

Ghughwa Fossil National Park is an important tourist destination in Dindori district. Ghughwa National Fossil Park is located 70 km away from Dindori. Fossils of plants and plants which are 65 million years old have been found in Ghughua. National Fossil Park Ghughwa is the smallest national park of Madhya Pradesh. The stems, fruits, flowers, seeds of plants, fossils of dinosaur eggs and some sea creatures have also been found in Ghughwa Garden. The fossils in Ghughua were discovered in 1970 by Dr. Dharmendra Prasad. Ghughwa was given the status of National Park on 05 May 1983.

(2) Nevasa Waterfall Dindori–

Nevasa Falls is located 14 km away from Dindori in a village Nevasa. There are three beautiful waterfalls in Nevasa. The second waterfall is very big and beautiful. There is also a temple in the cave built under the second waterfall. Caves have been formed in these three waterfalls. The beauty of this place is worth seeing in the rainy season. It is an important picnic spot and tourist destination for the people of Dindori district.

(3) The place of sacrifice of Rani Avantibai Village-Balpur –

Village-Balpur is a popular tourist spot of Dindori district. There is a place of sacrifice of Rani Avantibai in village Balapur, near Shahpur town, about 17 km from Dindori. Rani Avantibai, while fighting against the British, struck a dagger in her chest at this place on March 20, 1958, and attained martyrdom for the protection of Motherland. The statue of Queen Avanti has been installed at this place of Balapur.

(4)- Ramgarh Dindori -

Ramgarh is a very important historical place of Dindori district. 23 km from Dindori. Ramgarh was capital of Rani Avanti. Here now only a few remnants of the walls of the palace of Rani Avanti Bai are left. Now a big park has been made in Ramgarh by installing the statue of Rani Avanti Bai in 1988-1989 at the place near this palace. In the revolt of 1857, Rani Avanti Bai fought with the British and attained Veergati.

(5) Karopani black antelope protected area-

Karopani Black Deer Protected Area is also one of the major tourist places of Dindori district. The protected area for blackbucks in Dindori district is located in Karopani village. These black deer have been protected by the government and the forest department takes care of it. Karopani is at a distance of 17 kms from Dindori on the Dindori-Amarkantak road.

(5) Laxman Madwa Ramghat Dindori –

Laxman Madwa Ramghat is situated on the banks of the river Maa Narmada, seven kilometers from Dindori. This place is near village-Ghanaghat. There are many beautiful small springs here. Nearby there are temples and beautiful ghat. According to the legend, Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Lakshmanji stayed at this place for some time during their exile.

(6) Kukramath (Rin Mukteshwar) temple –

Kukramath is an important religious place of Dindori district. There is a temple of Lord Shiva in the Kalchuri period. The construction of the Kukramath temple is believed to be before 1000 AD. According to the first opinion, the Shankaracharya had built this temple with the help of Kalchuri King Kokalyadev to get rid of the debt of Guru. According to another belief, at this place a dog got his master free from debt and gave up his life. The dog's owner got the dog's tomb and statue built here in memory of the dog. Since the dog needs a cooker

Credit - www.dindori.co.in

(7) Devnala Waterfall Dindori-

Devnala Falls is a beautiful waterfall located 22 km from Dindori on Mandla Road. Devnala is located in village Kachanari near village Sakka. In Devnala, the water of the spring keeps falling on the Shiva Linga built under the waterfall. At this place the hill looks like a V shape. There are also some small waterfalls near the waterfall. It is a major sightseeing and picnic spot of Dindori district.

(8) Kikarkund Mehndwani Dindori -

Kikarkund is an important picnic spot and a very beautiful place located in Mehandwani block of Dindori district. The Dandana river makes a very attractive and beautiful waterfall at this place. At the place where the water of the Dandana river falls make a huge pool. There are many ancient temples and idols near the pool. There is a paved road to reach Kikarkund. The distance of Kikar Kund from Dindori is about 75 kms.

(9) Dagona Waterfall Dindori-

Dagona Waterfall is located near village Gora and village Kanhari, about 65 km from Dindori. This place is situated on the Budhner river. Due to soil erosion in Dagona, a drain-like structure has been formed and the Budhner river flows through this drain-shaped structure. At this place, the river can be crossed in one step, that is why this place is called Dagona. There are also many small beautiful waterfalls at this place. This place is surrounded by Sal forests.

(10) Kapildhara Falls

Kapildhara Falls is situated on the border of Dindori and Amarkantak. One end of Kapildhara comes under the border of Amarkantak and the other end comes under the border of Dindori district. Kapildhar Falls is the first waterfall of ma Narmada. The height of Kapil Dhara Falls is about 100 feet. Kapil Muni's ashram is near Kapildhara Falls. According to the legend, Kapil Muni had done penance at this place and this place was named Kapildhara after him.

(11) Haldi kareli - Dindori-

Haldi Kareli is known as Mini Goa of Dindori district. Haldi Kareli comes under Samnapur block of Dindori district. Here are some beautiful waterfalls on Budner river in . After falling from the waterfall, there is a very big field of sand below. The rocks of this place appear yellow and silver, when the sun's rays fall on these rocks, then the view here is worth seeing. This place is surrounded by dense forests. People from far and wide come here for picnic.

(12) - Narmada Ghat of Dindori -

The holy Narmada river flows through the heart of the city of Dindori. Dindori is the first city in which Mother Narmada enters after its origin. There are many ghats in Dindori on the banks of Maa Narmada, the main ones being Dam Ghat, Shankar Ghat, Imli Kuti Ghat and Jogi Tikriya Ghat.

How To Reach Dindori –

By Air – Nearest Airport Jabalpur 144 Kms.

By Rail – Nearest railway station is Birsinghpur Pali-80 kms and Jabalpur 144 kms away.

By Road - Dindori to Jabalpur 144 KM. , 88 km from Amarkantak. , Mandla 104 Kms. , Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) is 190 kms. Kanha National Park 140 km from Dindori district headquarter. And Bandhavgarh is also 140 km away.


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