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Best Desert Locations For Dune-Bashing

by Muhammad Naveed 2 months ago in activities
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Buggies in Dubai

Given the UAE's easy access to so much desert, who hasn't enjoyed driving along the soft Arabian sands? The people and residents of this town enjoy dune bashing. Anyone who has gone dune bashing knows how much fun it is to break through the soft dunes and let gravity steer your car. Furthermore, Buggy Rental Dubai also includes marshals who provide skills training for individuals who want to start dune bashing. He has unrivaled enthusiasm and expertise in the industry, having worked for over 14 years.

Dune bashing is best done in the hours leading up to sunset, when the sinking sun forms deep shadows across the desert, with no other trace of human activity for kilometers.

Now that the weather is nice, these are the top five sites to go dune bashing.


45-minute drive time from Dubai

Hatta/Oman highway (E44) in Sharjah.

This massive dune is also known as "Big Red" because of its size and the intense red color of the sand. One of the most popular dune bashing spots in the UAE is here. This location is always crowded with those seeking an adrenaline boost. Compared to the other deserts on our list, this one has the simplest dunes for novices and specialists to navigate. This desert location is packed with drivers eager to show off their buggies, quad bikes, and jeeps on weekends and holidays.

If doing dune bashing alone isn't your thing, there are local tour firms that provide packages that involve going dune bashing and putting up a picnic.

Fossilized wood

50-minute drive (from Dubai)

Sharjah/Kalba Road is located in Sharjah.

This beautiful peak, formally known as Jebel Maliah, may be reached by driving out of Sharjah city towards Kalba. It is most often known as fossil rock. The beauty of his statement is that you may find marine fossils here. Yes, there is aquatic life here in the desert! Much of Arabia was submerged millions of years ago, in the Tethys Ocean, to be precise.

Another rock formation around this spot is Camel Rock, and it looks like a camel sleeping in the sand with a unique camel-like head and hump.

Photography enthusiasts and those interested in camping, fossil hunting, and hiking flock to this location.


I an hour and 15 minutes (from Dubai)

Location: Al Hayer Road, Abu Dhabi/Sweihan

It is situated on the outskirts of three cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain. Sweihan is known as "Little Liwa" since it is where Liwa aficionados practice. Due to its large dunes and soft sands, Sweihan is unlike any other desert and is only recommended for experienced drivers.

An abundance of camels and lone Emiratis with their falcons may be seen with a good guide and GPS. Naqrah is a dune deep in the Sweihan desert that dune bashing enthusiasts must visit at least once.

Desert of Liwa

3 hours or more of driving time (from Dubai)

Rub Al Khali is located in Abu Dhabi

Only the most skilled dune-bashers venture here, sometimes known as "The Empty Quarter." The Liwa desert is well-known for its yearly festivities and challenges. It is the Arabian Peninsula's biggest desert. Liwa desert is a large desert with unusually soft sand that shares its border with Saudi Arabia.

The Liwa celebration lasts a week, with the primary obstacle being conquering the Moreeb dune, popularly known as the "terrifying mountain." It stands about 300 meters tall and at a 50-degree angle. This is the final test for those who feel themselves at the summit of dune bashing.

Desert of Al Faya

50-minute drive (from Dubai)

Location: Al Malaiha Road, Sharjah

Riding down the Sharjah-Kalba Road to the east coast exclaves will take you to the Al Faya Desert, a beautiful ruby sand desert. It attracts both novice and experienced drivers owing to its larger dunes than Al Bidayer. It is widely believed that one may locate the largest dunes to ride down here, and as a result, it is also known as "Big Fall."

This is a famous tourist destination for setting up tents beneath the stars; just avoid the adrenaline junkies cruising around the desert.

There are a few things to remember whenever you go dune bashing.

  • Keep your emergency contact information on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Bring an air compressor with you and make sure it's in good working order.
  • Make sure your 4x4 vehicle is in good working order and has enough gas.
  • A compatible radio is required.
  • Have in excellent functioning order all essential off-road gear and recovery equipment.
  • Bring plenty of water, snacks, and rehydration drinks.
  • Always respect your surroundings and be aware of your limitations.
  • Never venture out alone. Always travel in a group.


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