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Aloha from Kona

Hawaii Trip ( the big island )

By Merjaunie LenaPublished about a month ago 5 min read

The time has finally come as I was about to land on Kona, the pilot saying " we are about to descend please fasten your seatbelts". This was it the moment I had been waiting for since last year when my cousin and I planned this trip. My stomach getting butterflies as if I was going to vomit, I was so anxious but so excited to finally land. To see my cousin who had flew in from Oregon, and my aunt who lives there. It was my first time ever being to Hawaii, and I could not wait to see the Island.

A bumpy road as the planes tires hit the concrete runway, squeezing the chairs handles. Finally I am here, but be patient as there are others in front of me who have to get off first. I am trying to be as patient as I can be, but cmon move a little faster please. People getting off one by one, slowly but surely I am almost there. The exit door to my freedom to finally explore Kona. I walk out the door, down the ramp and I smell nothing but fresh air. The heat beaming on my face with a hint of salty freshness surrounded by nothing but the ocean. This is it, I am ready for this trip and to be able to explore this beautiful Island.

I walk through baggage claim to get my bags, I grab them in a hurry and go to find my cousin and my aunt who are waiting for me. Anxiously looking throughout the crowds there " where are they, where are they " I say to myself. Getting lost in this airport as it is all new to me, but I still continue to look for the right way. " Come on, where are you guys " I say to myself walking fast by all these other random faces I continue to see. " Where are you Alec!" I say to myself.

Seeing everyone else finding their relatives, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, but I can't seem to find the people I am looking for. "Did they forget I was landing at this time?" I say. " No they knew I was landing I will find them " reassuring myself. I continue to walk towards the front of the airport tippy toeing over people taller than me to see if I can see them. Then just over someones shoulder I see him. I see the most familiar face I know my best friend who is my cousin " ALEC " I shouted. He see's me and his face instantly glows with happiness. We both hurry into each other's arms as we embrace one another with the most tightest hug. My aunt also gives me a hug and welcomes me to Hawaii while putting a yellow lei around my neck. Excitment is what we all felt, " Are you ready to see Hawaii? " my aunt says. "YES of course!" I say filled with excitement "let's go!"

We headed off to the car put my luggage in and off we went. The amount of greenery you see on the Island is amazing. Everywhere you go all you see if nothing but tress. My aunts home is surrounded by a jungle, as she lives up in the mountains on Kona. Beautiful flowers, and wildlife surrounding her home is truly breathtaking. At night you hear nothing but wildlife, from Coquí frogs to birds I know not the names of. It was just so relaxing and beautiful a sight to see words cannot describe how wonderful enough it is.

Our week was planned out we had a day where we would be able to go on a boat into the ocean to swim, to zip line, and to see the black sand beach. We were on a mission to see the whole Island of Kona. First was the boat ride which for me was a little uneasy as I get motion sickness, but hey nothing a little dramamine could not fix. I took my dramamine and off we went into the ocean we go. The water was so refreshing and so clear you could easily see to the sea floor. The sun hitting us as we try to get a nice sun tan going on while we are here. We stopped to be able to go into the ocean, I was a little frightened but I still went in. As we swim around dolphins appear a group of 6 I want to say all jumping out of the water twisting and twirling giving us a show. It was amazing how close they were to us, and we all could not believe it. That day was a great day to start off the trip right.

The next day was another ocean trip as we headed off to the beach to just soak up the sun and relax. We found a nice little spot that was hidden off from the rest of the beach. The water was insane one part of the water was cold and refreshing, but the moment you step into another part it was warm and such a clear blue color it was. I've never seen anything like this before, it truly felt so unreal. After a nice swim and relaxation we decided to eat poke, and if you're anything like me you could never go wrong with a good poke bowl.

Next up on the trip was to drive around Kona and visit a few sights on the Island. One of those stops happened to be the Black Sand Beach. If you've never seen black sand I suggest making a trip to hawaii and seeing it for yourself. Yes I know it's just sand, but the whole beach being covered in it you just simply have to see it for yourself. Walking on the sand seeing two big sea turtles on land was an even greater sight to see. People gathered around the turtles to get a closer look, but not to close to not disturb them.

Off we went to go take a look at the Waipi"o Valley lookout. When I tell you this lookout was amazing I mean AMAZING. You can over see the edge of the Island and just out to the sea. Seeing endless waves of water out in the distance, the breeze flowing through your hair it was all just insane, but in a good way.

From the lookout to volcanoes to zip line to waterfalls, everything was just something you can never forget. If you have not yet been to Hawaii this is your sign to book your next trip, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. The environment, the food, the culture it's all so different is such a great way that I cannot put into words. You have to go a see for yourself, but be warned once you go you will not want to leave.

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Merjaunie LenaWritten by Merjaunie Lena

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