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I forgive you

to those who hurt me

By Merjaunie LenaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
I forgive you
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People say to forgive those who hurt you, but do you ever wonder why everyone says this? Did it ever come across your mind that the reason may be because it's to heavy to carry around that weight of being an unforgiving person? Or seeing that person or persons who have did you wrong in the past, and when you see them you just get mad. It gets heavy let me tell you to carry that grudge around if you ask me. At the end of the day the best thing to do is forgive those who hurt you because at the end of the day it's them you should feel sorry about.

I use to despise people who hurt me intentionally, even people who thought their lies wouldn't catch up to them. I would get so angry at the world, and think everyone is the same because that is all I was ever shown. You can't trust no one even the one's you think you can trust the one's you hold closest to your heart will hurt you. Don't you ever get so upset because people know what they are doing, and still choose to do something knowing it'll hurt you in the end, and have no remorse at all. You get so upset because you could never and would never do that to someone you love.

Being blindsided, and taken for granted because of how big your heart is, is possibly the worst feeling. People knowing you'll still try to see the good in them, and give them another chance. They take advantage, and just when you think you could finally trust them again there they go showing you why you shouldn't. Words are but mere words they mean nothing without an action to follow behind it. That is something I learned the very hardest way throughout my life.

Haven't you ever sat in bed thinking of all those times people would willingly hurt you to the point where it would make your blood boil. Getting yourself all over again, and for what? Why are you still doing that knowing those people don't lose a wink of sleep at night for what they did to you. It's those people that need forgiveness in their life, they are so uncertain of themselves they have to go hurt others to make themselves feel better. Don't think because these bad things happen to you that it's your fault because it's not. These people lack self respect, integrity, and honesty which is something you have, and most people are intimidated of.

We cannot stop these things from happening, but we can choose to forgive and move forward. Nothing good will come out of holding that grudge towards someone except making yourself upset again. We can choose who we give our time to, and those who show us that they no longer wish to sit at our table can gladly leave. From now on once people show you their true colors the first time around is the time where you forgive them and let them go. Don't give anyone another chance to show you why they no longer deserve a seat at your table. I forgive those who have hurt me before, you've shown me your true colors and intentions, and there is a reason those people are no longer in my life. I forgive you whole heartedly because at the end of the day, I may be the only person who ever forgives you for something you've done. The next person you hurt may not be as forgiving, farewell take care I hope you find peace with whatever it may be.


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Comments (1)

  • Andrea Corwin 2 months ago

    So true - they don’t lose a wink of sleep. Holding the anger just hurts the o e holding it. Great job!

Merjaunie LenaWritten by Merjaunie Lena

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