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Savannah, Georgia

Historic and Lively Town

By Cynthia ClinePublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Savannah Bridge & River 

Located on the coast of Georgia separated by the Savannah River to South Carolina is a small tourist town filled with history from the houses to the streets, unique stores, and hidden gems of restaurants. When it comes to history it can be powerful and beautiful to terrifying and creepy but all of it makes Savannah and why it has become such a great place to visit. There are plenty of stores and like all tourist towns you will get the basic souvenir stores but there are also small marketplaces filled with local crafts, a great dog/cat boutique with about five locations within this small location (very pet friendly town), and one of my favorites Savannah Bee Company where anything you can make with honey is developed and sold at this store. As for restaurants you will find cuban food, bar food, seafood, and amazing southern breakfast food; it is refreshing to go through a town and see very few chain restaurants and you will get that experience in Savannah.

The history is so prevalent in this small town and I recommend immersing yourself in it because it is everywhere from the buildings, river, and even streets. If you love horror, scary, and creepy this is a stop you must take since everything is haunted locals have even experienced spirits in the daylight. The locals say that spirits linger in this town since it was built on a Native American Reservation then being a hot spot during the Revolutionary war, Civil War, and even pirates. This town has collected many deaths throughout the years and it seems they stick around in Savannah. My favorite story takes place in what was a factory and now is a hotel, when this building was a factory a worker was bitter and wrathful against his bosses so he goes to the top floor in a room throws oil everywhere and lights it on fire. This man full of rage kills no one except himself from this fire he caused, now as a hotel room guests experience if staying in this room waking up surrounded by smoke and when they run to touch the handle it is hot... but there is no fire. If you got chills from this story there are plenty more just like this one or worse throughout Savannah, I recommend going on the Ghosts and Gravestones tour to get the full spooky history of Savannah at night! This tour is not only great from what you will learn but the guides who tell the tales are so passionate about the history and love all things spooky.

The Herb House the oldest house in Savannah which is part of The Pirates House which is a restaurant. A decent restaurant but really it is the experience that makes it great you can take a tour with a pirate!

I would also recommend Virgina Lane a Psychic in Savannah this is not for everyone but if you want a revelation about yourself she is the psychic that is worth the money. It is eerie experience but if you enjoy this kind of thing she is the one you want to see she makes it a comforting and learning experience and everyone I went in with left with new life goals.

A wall in the back of Savannah's oldest cemetery Colonial Park Cemetery lined with tombstones from unknown graves.

Forsyth Park a beautiful mini getaway in the center of Savannah from the tourist activity throughout the rest of the town, walking through the park seeing the locals with their dogs engaging in outdoor activities, the powerful trees and the hanging Spanish moss as your walk through, plus the center attraction the Forsyth fountain. Warning it is a hot spot for wedding photos and you will see probably 3 or more weddings while your on vacation in Savannah. Nonetheless it is a beautiful park and the fountain is extremely gorgeous especially for being bought out of a catalogue 160 years ago.

Forsyth Park Fountain

What is known as the "Sistine Chapel of the South" is Cathedral of St. John the Baptist although not opened all the time since it is a functioning church, but it is worth the wait. Once you walk into this church it will take your breath away I was absolutely amazed with the art, and religious detail throughout it. Anything I write about it would not give it justice, one of my favorite parts of it if you enjoy lighting a candle and saying prayer they have real candles (some churches switch candles for buttons and light that turns on). Even if you are not religious or catholic it is just an experience to walk through the church to see the masterpiece that it is inside and out.

Sneak Peak inside the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

One store I recommend since it is all things honey and anyone would enjoy! The Savannah Bee Company there are multiple locations some in South Carolina and even Florida but it started in Savannah. Everything is honey based so you can buy honey to eat, skin care, candles, and even a product line that gives back to the Bee Cause Project to help fund classroom observation hives in schools across America. The honey sticks you can either cut the end and suck the honey or stir it in your coffee or tea absolutely delicious.

The hidden gems I did not expect while visiting Savannah was the food! On River Street which the main street to walk down and see stores, bars, and restaurants. Warning: Savannah is open cup town so it is a great nightlife especially on River street tons of bars, and access to rooftop bars which have a great view of the river but the streets and stairs are all historic so don't get to drunk because you can get seriously hurt. River Street had the normal souvenir stores but also had great local items and art in the marketplace. I grabbed a drink at the Cotton Sail Hotel rooftop bar they had local craft beer, alcoholic drinks, wine, great appetizers but the view facing the river and bridge was incredible.

Lavender Bubble Bath Bellini

City Market is another area that has live music in the courtyard and surrounding are stores and great restaurants like Vinnie Van Go Go pizza and Little Duck Diner. Vinnie Van Go Go was packed at all times of the day by locals and tourist and is in City Market. While Little Duck Diner is a little walking distance from the City Market but great modern diner atmosphere and you can order drinks that come with a rubber duck taking bath plus they had great food!

Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée, Tiramisu, Strawberry Suspension Chocolate Cake

Lulu's Chocolate Bar only serves desserts! A dream for people like me with a forever sweet tooth. They have pretty much any desert you can imagine, desert alcoholic drinks, a cute fun atmosphere. Their story: Two best friends that couldn't get money to open up this restaurant they finally did and has been number one desert restaurant since opening. I recommend the strawberry suspension cake its mouthwatering!

Rancho Alegre Restaurant

Rancho Alegre is not in the main areas of Savannah but if you enjoy Cuban food this place is amazing! The atmosphere is great the walls decorated with cuban art, and music is always playing. The servers were amazing, and the food is out of this world. I thought after eating the food a cuban grandma was in the back cooking all the food it was ultimate comfort Spanish food. I recommend the cafe con leech, and croquetas de jamon; but honestly anything on the menu is worth getting and I'm sure is delicious!

Savannah Georgia is a tourist town like no other it was an amazing experience. Two kinds of great history some that built Savannah and some history that lingers after dark. You must see Forsyth Park, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, River Street, and City Market all these places are stops on tours offered in Savannah. The tours are worth it you get to hit all the main stops in Savannah while on the way you get to here the amazing history throughout this beautiful town. You will fall in love with the Spanish moss hanging from the trees and all the parks throughout the town that all have different monuments or stories behind why they are still there. If you are looking for a trip to plan that comes with history, ghosts, great atmosphere throughout the entire town, and unique stores/restaurants Savannah, Georgia is on your list!


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