5 Reasons to Visit Japan

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Discovering Both Historic and Modern Day Japan

5 Reasons to Visit Japan

There are so many reasons someone may want to take a trip to Japan. If you are an American and like to travel abroad to learn about different cultures, then there is no other place quite like Japan. Japan should be so uniquely relevant to any travel guru's itinerary.

As I sit here thinking about sharing the wonderful things about Japan with the reader, I am almost overwhelmed with knowing where to start. This extremely beautiful island country located in East Asia has so many things that could be listed as blissful when visiting. It will be impossible for me to list them all. Therefore, I am going to give a short list of some of the things that are the most spectacular reasons I feel would appeal to anyone thinking about a trip to this country.

Discover the History of Japan

The reason I want to start with Japan's history is that it is such a rich part of the country. Everywhere you walk in Japan you will discover a look into the past realms of a very strong culture that in many ways still exist in this modern era. Some of the cultural events that still take place in Japan today are:

  • Geisha
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Origami

There are also many shrines and temples that are still standing throughout the many centuries in Japan. Therefore, if you are interested in Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines and the history behind them, you will find these places in almost every city in Japan. For reference—the city of Kyoto is a great place to visit some of these historical sites.

Visiting Modern Day Japan

Although a lot of travelers will seek out the historical part of Japan when visiting, others may want to see the way the Japanese have expanded into the modern-day world. Not only will Japan accommodate the historian who visits, but it will stand out with the tech-savvy and architecture enthusiasts. With city skyscrapers as far as you can see, Japan has kept up with the city skylines that are popular in a lot of American cities.

However, the designs of the skyscrapers are not the only thing that will astound you about Japan's modern lifestyle. As a lot of Americans are aware, the Anime and Manga world has reached our side of the globe as well. Even so, with the Japanese being the makers of the growing fad, you will flip over Tokyo's world of anime at the Tokyo Anime Center or J-World Tokyo, which would probably be the equivalent of Disney Land for us. Instead of Mickey Mouse, Pikachu will be your favorite in Japan's character world.

Experience a Different Lifestyle in Japan

At this point, I not only want to continue sharing the reasons why a traveler would want to experience Japan for its culture, but how someone could decide to live and teach English in Japan. Japan has the top job market for teaching English. Therefore, what greater way to live in one of the safest countries in the world, and contribute to a shared diversity by teaching the people our universal language?

Finally, it is impossible to list all the wonderful things that one can experience on a trip to Japan. From the exquisite cuisine to the endless places to explore, it will be a trip of a lifetime. Whatever your purpose is to visit this lovely country, whether it be to participate in the cherry blossom festival, or climb Mt. Fuji you will not be disappointed with your travel choice.

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