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5 Places to visit in Poland

by Jolie Andre about a year ago in travel tips
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Planning a trip as soon as the pandemic is over? Here are the 5 best places to explore in Poland if you wish to visit there.

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Country of Poland is a history on its own. Over the decades the country is invaded and destroyed continuously. Poland has suffered a huge loss during the World War 2, wherein many of the polish citizens including the large number of its Jewish population were sent to the Nazi concentration Camps. Over the centuries the country has gone through a load of up and downs and in combination with the medieval history and its cultural activities the country has much more to show to the tourists every year. Here we will talk about the must see places in Poland.


The capital city of the country and most visited by the tourists. The city is compared to be as the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The city was badly destroyed during the World War 2. During the ages, it has rebuilt itself into a thriving cultural Centre for tourists. The famous astronomer named Copernicus was born in Poland. The tourist will enjoy the most famous Copernicus science Centre. Warsaw uprising museum, The Royal Castle, Lazienki Park and Wilanow Castle are the attractions to visit when you land in Warsaw.


It was the 7th century village and today is considered the second most important city of Poland. The city is best known for its cultural and academic activities. The main square of Krakow is the oldest of the town known for its political and social life since middle age. Apart from all this, the street in Krakow is considered to be the world’s most beautiful street known for its beautiful architecture and among the most beautiful tourist attractions. In addition, with the old town in Krakow, St. Mary’s Basilica (Gothic church) is the main attraction in Poland. Another sightseeing, Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, is worth seeing because of its rich history and culture.


Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland. It is located on the Oder River. Though been governed by different countries, Wroclaw is the part of Poland since 1945. It definitely can compete with the other cities when it comes to its amazing architecture. The main tourist attraction of the city includes the market square, Old Town Hall, St. Elizabeth’s Church and the largest zoo in Poland.


Craving for scenic beauty is natural and so is the national park. The park has a number of rock formations that covers the Tatra mountain. The park also has number of meadows and almost 650 caves. The Wielka Siklawa waterfall is the hotspot along with almost 30 alpine lakes that the park has to offer the travelers. The mountain of Tatra attracts hikers towards it due to its rocky formations. A lifetime experience being here and is one of the most romantic places in Poland.


There was a time when this forest use to cover much of the Europe. It is located on the border of Poland and Belarus. The European Bison still remain free in the forest. Another wild animal namely Lynx, Red Deer, Wolves, Boar and Elk are the part of the family of the forest.

Poland over the years has developed itself and has become an eye-catching tourist destination in Europe. There are many places to visit in Poland like Poznan and Torun but these are must see places in Poland that describes its history and culture in one place. If you admire natural beauty along with historical aspects of a place, there is a lot to discover in Poland. Nevertheless, the mouth watering cuisine s like Pierogi, Polskie Nalesniki etc should not be missed while you are there.

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