4 Of The Best 4x4 Adventures Spots To Tackle in 2020

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Best 4x4 Adventure Spots

4 Of The Best 4x4 Adventures Spots To Tackle in 2020
4x4 Adventure Spots

It is a Brand New Year, so there is a whole 12 weeks of 4X4 experiences on the horizon. Whether you're off for a fast weekend escape or something a bit more substantial, these fantastic Western Australian paths are excellent for any off-road enthusiast or fan of the wonderful Australian outback. No driver knows instinctively how to drive off-road and it is vital that you have some basic skills, considering how dangerous driving off-road can be if you get anything wrong & our 4wd training Brisbane can help you with the same.

Now without further adieu lets have a look at the top 4 adventure spots for your 4x4!

The Kennedy Range National Park

This scenic national park is situated 830-kilometres north-west of Perth along with 150-kilometres east of Carnarvon.

Gravel roads that extend from Gascoyne Junction provide simple accessibility to the south-eastern facet of their ranges. There is also a campsite with fall toilets and signs resulting in factors of interest, such as Honeycomb, Drapers and Temple Gorges.

The west side does not have the spectacular waterfalls which may be located on the south-west stretch, but it showcases permanent springs, shady river teeth, creeks and water holes. You may access this area by unformed paths that begin at Mardathuna Station to the west or simply by crossing the Gascoyne River in the south. If crossing the river, be careful as the riverbed's sand may behave like quicksand, also is tough even if it's dry.

The Famous Rabbit-Proof Fence

There is no denying that the historic importance of this Rabbit-Proof Fence, which climbed to fame with the 2002 movie that followed the bold escape of three young Aboriginal women who returned confinement at Perth and followed the weapon back to their own outback home.

The shortest of the three fences run independently from Yalgoo into the shore of Kalbarri, among the others runs out of the south-east shore of Bremer Bay into a junction with the closing remaining fence to the west of Wiluna, that's the longest fence spanning 1834 kilometres from Esperance through to Eighty Mile Beach on the north coast.

This excursion is barely a challenging 4X4 experience, but it will take you to the heart of Western Australia's outback and wealthy, occasionally tumultuous history. In the event that you should take in the entire weapon, then it would likewise be a fairly good drive.

Stirling Range National Park

When you push the 250 kilometres from Perth into Dunsborough, you will end up in a quaint city that becomes a buzz of activity over the summer months and is home to the magnificent views in Cape Naturaliste.

By Dunsborough, it is possible to take out a drive to Naturaliste National Park, where you are able to stop and take in Sugar Loaf Rock -- among Western Australia's most photographed places. While here, have a panoramic four-kilometre walk around the stage in the lighthouse, and see whether you're able to see the seals which frequently laze about on the rocky coast under. It is also possible to choose a whale-watching cruise out of Dunsborough.

As soon as you've seen all there is to watch at Dunsborough, leap back on your 4WD and mind underwater towards the Stirling Ranges -- where the fun really starts!

The place just has one camping floor, Moingup Springs, which is at the middle of the playground, or there are an escape 11-kilometres north for non-campers. Bluff Knoll, the next greatest summit in WA, could be discovered at the playground, in addition to countless other strenuous hikes.

Lake Ballard

Exercising north to Kalgoorlie, you are going to come face to face with long drives throughout semi-desert plains with non-scrubs, in addition to lots of mining activity. The drive is about 500 kilometres, and while the streets are in a generally good state, they are definitely more appropriate to 4X4 vehicles compared to your typical Commodore.

There are a couple of dry salt lakes scattered across neighbouring Western Australia, but none are quite like Lake Ballard, located 54-kilometres out of Menzies. The lakes notoriety is mainly credited to the 51 stylised human sculptures which are dispersed throughout the lake's surface.

If you are preparing to take off in an outback experience in 2018, make sure you swing from the boys in Ultimate 4WD for each your 4X4 accessories and gear.

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