10 Cute Passport Covers to Buy

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Cute passport covers are fun but functional. Keep your documentation in one easy-to-reach place.

10 Cute Passport Covers to Buy

Passport covers aren't just travel accessories. They're absolutely essential. They keep the documents and cards you need in one safe place that's easily accessible. Holders with RFID technology block scammers and phishers from stealing your information. Take a look at some of the cutest passport wallets available and pick your favorite!

Few creatures in literature embody the spirit of adventure and wanderlust better than the characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. While Hobbits are known for their love of adventure, even if it never takes them away from the Shire, Gandalf embodies the thrill of discovering new places and unknown territories. You'll find lots of cute passport covers that feature his famous quote, “Not all those who wander are lost,” but this leather passport cover is hands down the best representation. Its design is simple but well-thought-out, and something about the deep blue color suggests wide open skies and unexplored beaches. It also employs RFID blocking technology, safeguarding your personal documents and information.

Fastoni offers up a vegan passport case holder that's visually appealing. It's as durable as it is attractive. The synthetic leather protects your documents from scratches, natural wear, and any kind of mechanical issues or damages. It even repels moisture to keep everything safe from damp conditions and humidity, making a great option when heading to the best Florida beaches or hopping on an exclusive cruise. The holder can easily hold your credit card, ID, and boarding pass along with your passport. It's fully flexible, making it easy to store in your pocket or a traveling case. An eye-catching design features an adorable map, as well as the suggestion to “never stop exploring.” Because of that, if nothing else, this cute passport cover is ideal for anyone who's dealing with a persuasive case of wanderlust.

Lethnic offers cute passport holders without being too cutesy or whimsical, if that makes sense. This selection, for example, is neutral in color. The brown leather passport cover is handsome all on its own, but the world map laser-cut design adds another layer of interest and texture. The leather itself is 100 percent genuine, resulting in an unmistakable richness and a supple feel. The roomy holder has slots for a variety of documents, eliminating your need to carry a separate wallet on your travels. RFID blocking from the inside out ensures that your private data is never at risk.

Cute passport holders that are affordable as well as attractive give the best value for your money. Leminimo offers travelers a stunning minimalist design that resembles white marble. This passport cover is simple but chic, not to mention spacious. It can hold as many as four cards, be they credit cards or metro passes, along with your passport and your tickets. Like many of the other travel wallets on this list, it also uses RFID technology to block unwanted eyes—and gadgets—from accessing your personal information. For adventurers with an eye toward ethical, eco-friendly traveling, you will be pleased to know that this case is pleather. Classified as vegan leather, it's luxurious and durable.

Since cute passport holders make fantastic gifts, think about giving this set to the newlyweds in your life. These matching passports are perfect for just-married couples who are about to embark on their honeymoon. A plastic exterior ensures that the holders are waterproof, thereby keeping your documents and tickets safe from humidity, rain, and general dampness. They're thin and lightweight, however, so they won't take up too much space in your travel bags. You won't have to sacrifice any space inside of the cover, though. It has slots for multiple cards, your passport, of course, and even a wad of just-in-case cash, making it an item you need to pack for a beach honeymoon. The insides are just as comely as the outsides, too. Outside, each cover proclaims, “I do!” Inside of the bridal cover, a wedding ring design awaits.

The pink and metallic gold design on this holder easily makes it one of the cutest passport covers on the market. “I'm outta here!” it exclaims, letting everyone around you know that you're about to head out on an adventure. It's small enough to slide effortlessly into a handbag or carry-on, plus there's room inside for several cards, along with your passport.

Kate Spade is well-known for handbags, phone cases, and passport holders. The Cameron Street holder is no exception. Check Kate Spade's line for a matching bag if you so desire. The anthracite passport holder sparkles like the starry sky. It's made of crosshatched leather that lends the holder a pleasing texture. Inside, the poly twill lining features a book stripe print.

Fashion collabs result in cute passport covers all time. The collection Barbra Ignatiev put together with Anthropologie is on fire. This cover, in particular, is a bestseller. The vivid floral design is bright yet delicate. The combination of vibrant colors and a feminine watercolor print is a hands down winner. Polyurethane ensures that all of your cards and documents are safe from dampness and wet weather. The dimensions are small enough to slide effortlessly into your carry-on or purse.

Told you! Nobody does cute passport covers like Kate Spade. The black holder features pink rabbit ears, a little bunny nose, and whiskers, of course. No bunny is complete without whiskers. Crosshatched texture lends a richness to the leather. Inside, there are slots for up to seven cards, giving you space for credit and debit cards, your license, and other forms of ID. You can even keep your metro pass in there.

With space for credit cards, an ID, and a can't-miss message that lets everyone know you travel first class all the way, this holder is a must-have travel accessory for anyone who enjoys hopping on a plane and exploring new places. From expensive hotels on the west coast to the most luxurious resort vacation packages, you'll be traveling in extravagance from the minute you get to the airport. The design itself is stylish and chic, but your fellow travelers will still want to know where you got your passport holder.

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