Women Don't Actually Carry DNA from Every Man They Have Slept with

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Women Don't Actually Carry DNA from Every Man They Have Slept with

There have been a lot of articles saying that woman collect DNA from every man they ever slept with (even in their brain), all of these articles seemed to be case off of one study which... isn't exactly about what I thought it would. For one, the study does not once mention sexual intercourse as a potential reason why woman may carry 'male' cells. If anything, the study suggests that these 'male' cells are from their sons. Yes, sons! Mothers who have carried baby boys for nine months. Another theory mentioned that these 'male' cells came from an older brother, which they also while they were still in the womb. So... NO! These stories about gaining DNA from every man you have had sex with is still yet another mis-use and inaccurate use of scientific research targeting woman with a sexuality because... sexism!

No, woman don't actually gain DNA from every man she slept with. All those 'Buzz Feed' articles are a bunch of click bait lies.

I've heard this come up a couple of times now... one or two of my friends will post an article on Facebook about how a "recent" study shows that "Women Store DNA From Every Man They’ve Ever Made Love With." These young women who read these articles are panicking and disgusted at the though of carrying the DNA of their ex lovers. I mean, come on! Breakups are already hard enough at it is... now let's through the thought of 'harvesting' their DNA.

Which is exactly why these articles are harmful. They are causing anxiety, shame and even more confusion.

We are safe!

If anything, the study says that woman cary the male DNA of their infant baby boy even after he is born... but I really wouldn't mind that even if it is true.

"Women "harvest" every male's DNA, according to a new study." - Daisy Magnun

The author of this article is known for writing meditation, Veganism, and creating a "love-based paradigm on Earth," She does not normally write anything to do with 'scientific studies' of any kind.

Well Miss Daisy, this article has caused my friend a lot of anxiety... so I think you need to make up for that if you really want to make a "love-based paradigm on Earth."

I also noticed that this article by Daisy Magnum doesn't reference this "recent study" she id referring to. She does however use a photo straight from wikipedia.

Actual photo used in Daisy Magnum's article!

So... is it a recent study or something you can find on Wikipedia? Make up your mind Miss Daisy!

This is my horoscope, according to Miss Daisy

"Currently, Venus and Mars are in Libra’s 12th house of spirituality and this is likely to cause the Libra to feel disconnected from the physical realm and possibly even lost inside their minds. Use this time for introspection and for healing your spirit." —Daisy Magnum

This article doesn't even make any sense...

This article was made with the help from Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D. in evolutionary biology. So yes, I trust this article way more than horoscope writing Miss Daisy.

"So no, women don’t retain men’s sperm for life. That’s just silly."—Quora

Feel better? I do. Don't worry about those articles telling you that 'recent studies' happen to be completely sexist towards women. Chances are that the data, if any, has been misinterpreted just for the sake of making 'click bait' articles.

Here is another article exposing the truth from these click bait articles.

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