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Why I'm Sick and Tired of Feminism

A Detailed List of Why I'm Tired of Feminist Bullshit...

By Hope J. NasPublished 7 years ago 7 min read

When you see someone like me on any given day, your first thought would probably not be feminist. You might see me in a jacked up truck, or rolling around in my 4 door car bumping any G-Eazy song singing "Man, she's got the deepest throat, yeah shes blessed..." (Say Less by G- Easy) and smoking a cigarette. In fact, feminist is probably the last thing you might think. But, if you saw my Facebook page, you would think I'm a certified SJW (Social Justice Warrior). You would see a wide array of posts talking about sex worker rights, videos from Hasan Piker (Total SJW BAE) and Philip Defranco, and posts discussing the injustices of POC (People of Color) and LGBTQIA+. However, since discovering my feminist mindset at 14, (6 years ago) I have learned of a lot of shit that I am sick and tired of seeing within the feminist movement.

Feminism: The person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.

So, the definition is fairly clear cut- in general, equality in every realm. But, if only it were that easy- right?

Man Hating

Yes, we get that you and your man broke up, and you have the new mindset that "Bitches ain't shit" so you just decided to say fuck it and "treat yo' self" to a shopping spree, a new cut and color, and getting your nails done, all while thinking that you deserve it for all the shit he put you through- that's cool. But, just because he cheated on you with your best friend, and always talked shit about you to his friends, doesn't mean that all men are that way. Not all men deserve to have your wrath taken out on them. If you believe in feminism because he was a piece of shit human, and think you can find comfort in talking shit about him with other "feminist" please speak to a therapist instead. Now, if you believe in feminism due to toxic traits that significant others can show to their partners, and want to REVERSE that behavior in a healthy way- welcome to the feminist movement. Feminism is a movement that is constantly pushing towards equal rights of BOTH sexes (refer to the definition about). Using feminism as a way to disrespect an entire gender is no better than radical Meninist (I still can't believe that is now a "movement").


While trans/ gender fluid individuals may not necessarily have the same biological lady bits, or be able to have a child naturally (there is probably a better way to put this, sorry to anyone I offend) they still deserve to be included within the feminist movement. People within the LGBTQIA community have a whole hell of a lot more problems to deal with than some tight wad bitch sitting at Starbucks with her caramel frappe talking to her book club about how her problems that feminism is helping, are more serious than some guy who wants to be a chick (serious conversation I heard by the way). If you truly believe that people who are gender fluid/trans do not deserve the rights that feminists are fighting for, you have qualified yourself as an A+ cunt muffin, and deserve none of the benefits that feminists from the past have given you. Just because you were born a female, doesn't mean you are the end all be all of the feminist movement. This is feminism, this isn't Mean Girls- "Gretchen, stop trying to make transphobia happen, it's not going to happen."

Body Autonomy

So good for you for donating 20 dollars a month to prevent young girls from undergoing FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), but what are you doing to prevent it back home? Do you advocate and donate money as well to prevent circumcision of young men? Just as young women undergo these procedures (in less than quality conditions at that) what are you doing to protect and educate others on the wide spread stigmas of uncircumcised males and circumcision? If you are reading this and are thinking "there is a difference" you are absolutely correct. The difference is that young men are being targeted for circumcision within that states for "medical" and "religious" reasons, and it's so accepted, but when it happens to young women for the same reason in other countries, you start beating your chest and waiving your feminism flag. Why not stand up for your boys, and for the young men who are on the receiving end of this procedure? Or would standing up for them now require you to admit that you may have mistakenly pressured another mother into having her son undergo genital mutilation, or maybe even force your own child to undergo the same cosmetic procedure? Or would standing up against MGM (Male genital mutilation) be so detrimental to your vanilla sex-infused culture that you wouldn't be able to cope with the potential changes it may even have to YOUR life? Imagine not being able to see as many "cut" cocks in porn, or even worse, having to learn the male anatomy and teach your son how to properly wash his genitals- I know, such a hard decision... A cosmetic procedure that kills an average of 229 boys per year (Robert Baker study), versus staying uneducated and content with oblivion. If you hate one, you're a hypocrite to not hate the other. As a feminist, don't preach body autonomy unless you feel that BOTH sexes are deserving of it.

If you believe that you have the right to mentally berate a man, as well as physically assault him, and he can't do the same to you, or even defend himself- get the fuck off my post. I was raised in a house that if I turned around and cold-cocked my brother in the face, I better expect to get knocked the hell out as a result of my actions. As a feminist, I am sick and tired of female aggressors playing the victim card and using other feminist to back their actions. MEN GET ASSAULTED TOO. Women are not the only victims in these scenarios. Remember that part about equality and NOT man hating? When are we (feminists) going to start accepting male victims of violence and assault and giving them a safe place away from gender stereotypes to communicate the wrongdoings that they have encountered from female counterparts?

Shaming Sex Workers

So, you're a feminist that believes women are belittling themselves by actively engaging in sex work? News Flash, as a cam model, I've encountered more men that appreciate a strong independent woman, than men that don't. What about the feminists that LOVE what they do? Are they not qualified enough to be a feminist because of their job? There are a plethora of women who enjoy what they do as a sex worker that do not deserve the unnecessary condemnation from the feminist movement. When you actively run your cock washer (aka dick sucker or better known as your mouth) about sex workers, you are also limiting the possibility of someone who has been coerced/forced into sex work (aka victim of human trafficking) asking for your help, due to potential damning and judgemental commentary.

To sum it up....

To sum up my frustration, I am sick and tired of watching lazy white middle class women preach feminism when they refuse to stand up for the people who need feminism the most. If you feel that this is targeting you, feel free to create an open dialog within your heart to change yourself. The feminist movement already has a bad rap, and accepting the bad apples within feminism will only ruin the bunch. When you put your foot down to fellow radical feminist that use feminism for their own manipulative agenda, in the long run, you are only helping the movement. Most of all, I hope you remember that feminism is about EQUALITY, and that your job as a feminist is to EQUITY to others around you.


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