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Why Ao Nang Krabi Should Be on Your Island-Hopping Itinerary

Beach Days

By Aurora GiannaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Image via Avani Ao Nang

Are you planning on island hopping in Thailand? If so, how about Ao Nang Krabi? Contrary to popular perception, Ao Nang Krabi is not just an island you visit in passing. It has all the attractions for a base island for a lovely beach holiday. Let’s discuss a little more.

Longtail boat rides to different islands from Ao Nang Krabi

Once you base yourself at a Krabi resort and spa, you can take longtail boat rides to nearby islands whenever the fancy strikes. There are hundreds of sandy, palm-fringed islands near Ao Nang Krabi. You can buy tickets at the centre of the beach. Tickets cost between 100 to 300 Thai Baht. Simply buy the ticket, board the boat and sail away. As for your base resort, check with places like the Avani Ao Nang for early bird deals.

Go kayaking from Ao Nang Krabi?

The hidden coves, tropical beaches and paradise islands all around Ao Nang Krabi make kayaking worth it. For about 600 to 800 Baht, you can rent a kayak for the day. Pair up with a travelling partner or go solo to explore the secret coves and beaches. The nearest beaches would be Tonsai and Railey. If you’ve got the time though try Chicken Island. Carry a picnic lunch, water and a medical kit in your wetproof bag, and extend your exploration.

Go trekking in Ao Nang Krabi?

There are pretty and exciting hiking trails along Ao Nang Krabi. The most popular trail is Hang Mak Mountain. You’ll need to be fit and have plenty of stamina to climb this mountain. But, the view from the top is scenic and totally worth the pain. Join a tour group to find a good guide to steer you through the excursion.

Enjoy the Emerald Pool, Blue Pool and hot springs in Ao Nang Krabi

Hire a scooter for about 300 Baht for the day, and spend the day exploring the Namtok Ron Hot Spring Waterfall and the Emerald and Blue Pools. The pools and the waterfall with hot springs both charge entrance fees. Soak up your stress at the hot springs and enjoy the ethereal beauty of the two pools. The path to the emerald pool goes through a rainforest, but you need to venture deeper into the wilderness to get to the blue pool.

Climb the Wat Tham Suea for the views in Ao Nang Krabi

According to legend, a tiger once lived in the caves of Wat Tham Suea. Today, it is a monastery but the caves are open to the public. There are plenty of religious statues within the caves and even a shrine with a tiger statue near it. But, the most important part of your journey would be the captivating views of the Andaman Sea and limestone cliffs.  If you’re planning to reach the top, take plenty of water and make the ascent slowly to conserve energy.

Visit the giant catfish farm in Ao Nang Krabi

Feeding the giant catfish is only part of the fun at this farm. You can spend a few hours there, walking along the pretty paths. There are jungle trails, gazebos and a suspension bridge. There is even a petting zoo. This place is great for an excursion with the kids.

Snorkel and Scuba dive in Ao Nang Krabi

Hire a longtail boat to find the best diving spots near the island. The boatmen usually know where most sea life gathers. Plunge into the effervescent world of manta rays, vibrant fish, sea horses and mysterious green turtles. You’ll feel like you’re on a quest to find the most beautiful marine life.


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