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What Is Your Definition Of Beauty?

by JennyB 3 years ago in beauty
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror when I was a kid and thinking how ugly I was and how I couldn’t wait to be able to afford plastic surgery.

Now in my thirties, I still feel that way about myself, but I’ve given up the desire for plastic surgery.

Mainly because I can’t afford it being a chronic pain sufferer working in retail.

What prompted me to write this article, is one night at work I was touching my hair.

No reason, I was feeling and playing with my hair while standing at the self-checkout podium.

I said to myself, “I should cut my hair.” Then I told myself “no” because I’ll regret it, I always do.

My hair has become my security blanket.

I always defined long hair as synonymous with beauty. I told myself at a young age that I needed long flowy hair since that makes you look beautiful, and guys preferred girls to have long hair.

Over the years, I went back and forth from cutting my hair, regretting it, trying to grow it back out, to cutting it again.

It was a vicious cycle I kept repeating until my late twenties. In 2016, I went into Septic Shock and almost died due to complications arising from Sepsis, such as organ failure.

While being in the hospital for twenty-one days, my hair died, and for the next couple of months, my hair began to fall out in chunks to where I had bald patches.

I knew the time had come, but I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to chop off my hair, but my hair needed it.

I had my go-to hairstylist fix my hair since Liz is the only person I trust my hair with, and she knows what she’s doing.

Seriously, Liz is the only person to have cut my hair to how I liked it, and I have never left her salon unhappy or mad. She’s a badass hair bitch who knows her business.

To be able to fix my hair and have it grown back out evenly, she had to cut my hair into a pixie, and I’m not going to lie; it was hard to deal with, and I cried.

Having a pixie haircut was a very depressing time for me.

I didn’t think I was pretty with a pixie haircut, and I was afraid guys wouldn’t find me attractive since I didn’t have long flowy hair.

It took what felt like forever for my hair to grow out, and during that time, I had a hard time styling my hair in a way I thought was cute, and hopefully, others thought as well.

I hated my hair and hated the fact that I lost all my hair to the point where I needed to cut it into a pixie.

For someone like me, who considered long hair to be a sign of beauty, I felt ugly and undesirable.

I thought guys aren’t going to find me attractive with this super short haircut, and my self-esteem plummeted.

Nobody has a say in how you cut, style, or dye your hair but you.

We shouldn’t let other people have a say in how we do our hair. There are going to be people who form opinions on our appearance, such as our haircut or the color we dyed our hair, but that doesn’t mean their opinions are worth a thing.

We should do our hair the way we want and how we feel makes us look beautiful, and if other people don’t like it, then big deal, it’s your hair, not theirs.

We should also never let a guy tell us how to do our hair, even if he’s our boyfriend, husband, or long-time partner, they don’t have a say in how we do our hair.

If you like having short hair, then have short hair and don’t let other people make you feel like your short hair isn’t beautiful and don’t change your hair to please other people.

Everyone has a preference, and they’re not going to like everything we do but keep on doing what makes you happy.

What is your definition of beauty?

Everyone in this world has their definition of beauty, and it’s not wrong. We need to start accepting our version of beauty and ignore what all the magazines say.

Their version of beauty, their definition is not the same as ours, and that’s okay.

What they considered as beautiful we might not, and vise versa, we all need to respect the fact that we all have our definition of beauty, and we shouldn’t make others feel bad for not sharing the same opinion.

If we find having long flowy hair is beautiful, keep your hair long. If you find having short hair is beautiful, cut your hair and keep it short.

No matter what you do, make sure you do what makes you happy and feel good about yourself.

Experiment with your appearance while trying to boost up your self-esteem so you will start liking the way you look.

The takeaway.

Sometimes it feels hard to know which beauty trend is the best since there are a ton of beauty bloggers on YouTube with their own opinions.

But just because they said one beauty trend is the best doesn’t mean you must agree with them even when deep down you don’t find that beauty trend all that beautiful.

You need to do what you think is right and jump on the beauty trend you feel is appealing because, in your heart, you truly believe it is beautiful.

We should always listen to our hearts and do what we think is right and not what others are doing.

We need to remember that the only opinion on our beauty that matters is our own and no one else.


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Freelance content writer and blogger of self-help and personal development articles. 3X Sepsis survivor living with chronic pain and chronic illness.

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