Tips to Remain Fashionable During Summer Activities

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Looking your summer best

Tips to Remain Fashionable During Summer Activities

Besides weekend trips and rising temperatures, summer brings with it an urge to be fashionable. It could be because those weekend trips require cute outfits or the weather will heat up. However, the following summer tips can help people brave extreme temperature levels and still look hot.

Avoid Heavy Makeup

Keeping it simple and using accessories instead of heavy makeup is the trick to staying gorgeous during an outdoor activity on a hot day. Experts recommend applying a clay mask first because the high-temperature levels will eventually cause it to melt down. A clay mask can help draw out residual oil on the surface of your skin and make sure your makeup lasts longer than usual. After that, apply some primer, a light moisturizer, and then a light layer of makeup. Alternatively, use tinted moisturizer to add lines to your eyes and add gloss to your lips.

Wear a Hat

Of course, the sun will scorch, especially when at a festival held in an open space during summer. That’s why experts recommend bringing a hat with you to a summer festival to cover and protect your face. The hat will help cool you down and prevent direct sun rays from falling on your head. A hat that one can fold and put in the pocket or pulse can be ideal for a summer activity.

Apply Sunscreen

Apply a heavy sunscreen from head to toe before heading out to a summer event or heading to your friend’s custom pool in Charleston. Take the sunscreen and makeup with you to the festival or pool and reapply it every few hours. That will ensure the sun doesn’t scorch or burn your skin.

Use Peppermint Oil to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Prepare for a festival in the hot summer months by taking a bottle of rejuvenating oil with you to the venue. When activities are over, dab a little oil behind your ears, at the base of your neck, and on your temples. That aromatherapy should get you ready for the next activities and boost your energy levels.

Use Dry Shampoo

It might be nearly impossible to stay fresh in a crowded venue during the hot summer months. However, people can now use dry shampoo to keep their hair clean and party like a rockstar. Dry shampoo allows users to spray it on invisibly and is an essential accessory for a summer festival that involves camping out.

Pack Multitasking Products

Of course, events that stretch into nights can’t allow you to have high-maintenance glamour. However, people can lighten the load and maximize their space by bringing multitasking products with them to a summer event. For example, bring with you pocket-sized shimmery shades that you can apply to your lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Use a Misting Spray

A refreshing complexion spray is ideal for cooling off the skin and setting the makeup. The spray also contains skincare properties that can help alleviate the effects of dehydration on your skin's surface. These skincare sprays are an instant refresher!

Wear Loose Clothes

The looser your clothes are, the better and more comfortable you will feel during an occasion held in summer. The less fabric that is touching your body, the less you will sweat when in an outdoor venue. A loose dress will keep you cooler and fresher than a skintight tank and a pair of trousers.

Wear an Unstructured Blazer to Beat the Heat

As the summer approaches, uncomfortable attire can be your worst enemy. A lightweight blazer can be an ideal companion when headed to a music festival during a hot summer month. However, go for an unstructured blazer that is made from either linen or cotton to keep it breathable and stylish. You can layer your unstructured blazer over anything, such as a short-sleeved tee or oxford. Dressing stylishly seems easy in winter, but it can be challenging during hot summer months when the temperature rises to extreme levels. However, looking stylish isn’t difficult with a little creativity.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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