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"The experience of changing your perspective"

Strength of point of view

By Mocun_cunPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

In a quiet village nestled between emerald hills and a glistening river, there lived an old man named Elian. Known for his wisdom and gentle demeanor, Elian was often sought out for counsel by the villagers. Yet, it was his own journey of changed perspective that had carved his wisdom, a journey not many knew in its entirety.

Decades ago, Elian was a young, fervent man who viewed the world through rigid lenses. He believed in the absolute certainty of his perceptions and judged others harshly who did not share his views. His days were filled with conflict, as his unyielding stance often clashed with the diverse thoughts and beliefs of the village.

One summer, the village was visited by an itinerant storyteller named Zara. She was an enigmatic woman, with eyes that seemed to hold the universe's secrets and a smile that promised adventure. She captivated the villagers with her tales, each story a rich tapestry woven with threads of different perspectives.

Elian, skeptical yet curious, decided to attend one of her gatherings. He sat at the back, arms crossed, ready to dismiss her stories as mere entertainment. Zara began with a tale of two siblings who saw the world through entirely different lenses. One viewed the world with optimism, seeing potential and beauty in every corner, while the other saw only obstacles and threats. The siblings’ journey took them through the same landscapes, yet their experiences were worlds apart.

As Zara’s voice painted the siblings’ contrasting views, something stirred within Elian. He realized he had been living like the pessimistic sibling, blind to the beauty and opportunities around him, shackled by his rigid beliefs.

Intrigued, Elian approached Zara after the gathering. “How do you see the world as they do?” he asked.

Zara smiled warmly. “By embracing the idea that our perspective is but one of many truths. It’s not about being right or wrong, but about understanding and learning from each other.”

Inspired, Elian decided to travel with Zara for a time, leaving behind the familiarity of his village. Together, they visited distant lands, each filled with people whose lives and cultures were vastly different from his own. Elian learned to listen without judgment, to see through the eyes of those he met, and to appreciate the myriad ways life could be experienced and interpreted.

Years passed, and Elian returned to his village, no longer the same man who had left. His once stern features had softened, and his eyes held a gentle wisdom that drew people to him. He became a bridge in the village, helping resolve conflicts and fostering understanding among his neighbors.

One evening, a young villager approached Elian, troubled by a dispute with a friend. Elian listened patiently and then shared the story of the siblings he had first heard from Zara. The young man’s eyes widened as the story unfolded, and he began to see his own situation in a new light.

“That’s the power of changing perspective,” Elian said softly. “It allows us to grow, to connect, and to find peace within ourselves and with others.”

As the sun set over the village, casting a golden glow over the hills, Elian realized that the journey of changing one’s perspective was ongoing, a lifelong dance of learning and understanding. And in that realization, he found a deep, abiding contentment.

Thus, in the heart of the village, where the river sang and the hills whispered ancient secrets, the story of Elian’s transformation became a guiding light for all who sought wisdom and harmony. For it was through the experience of changing his perspective that Elian had found not only wisdom but also the profound joy of truly seeing the world and its people in all their beautiful diversity.

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  • Esala Gunathilake5 days ago

    You nailed it.

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