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The cradle of Renaissance art

Rouen, France, an ancient city of French history

By Zheng toPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Rouen was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Medieval Europe. There are many famous people in history. The author of the novel Madame Bovary, flaubert, the world-famous great writer, was born here. Rouen is the capital of Normandy, only one or two hours' drive from Paris. It is a famous city with a history of one thousand years. There are many historic sites, which witness the history of France, and it is a beautiful city described by many famous authors. The famous Rouen Cathedral is an amazing sight, attracting visitors from all over the world with its stunning combination of grandeur and refinement, its stunning towering spires and asymmetrical towers. In order to capture this beautiful picture, monet lived opposite the church for a period of time and painted the beautiful church in different colors at different times. The stones of the cathedral change colors as the sun shines, the stained glass sparkles, and this beautiful cathedral is the cradle of Impressionist art.

Walking along the bustling shopping streets of the Old town, not far from the arches, you can see the golden clocks that have been running for centuries, glittering in the sun as if beckoning attention. The buildings on both sides are traditional wooden striped old houses, light and colorful, beautiful and antique. The shop street near the clock tower is very busy, with all kinds of shops. It is very special to stroll in the shops of the old house.Joan of Arc looks like an upturned Viking ship with a roof of SLATE or copper scales facing the sea. The cathedral is both a memorial to Joan of Arc and a folk memorial to the heroine, attracting countless visitors from home and abroad every year. This building area is not big, the appearance is very distinctive absolutely attract eye, casual walk will not miss.

The interior of the church has France to keep at present the best, the first batch of stained stained glass Windows of Renaissance France, the content of stained stained glass is telling about the life story of early Normandy, very beautiful, worthy of being the product of Renaissance. The big cross outside is the Joan of Arc stake. It's where Joan of Arc was tried and burned at the stake more than 500 years ago, and her legendary status is one of the reasons people visit Rouen. Sitting in the church, very quiet, the whole space design is very good, more people do not show crowded, we all consciously whisper, walk around to visit each other, sitting on the bench, the heart naturally feel peaceful.

Joan of Arc is located in the old town centre and you can walk out and blend in. Inside the church, there are models of the market, not much different from those outside the door now, which shows that the city has retained a large part of the historic sites, but the people who live here still live here.Most People in the East do not have such strong feelings for Joan of Arc, but they are still moved by her story. This weak rural girl, for the fate of the kingdom, joined the war, was finally captured trial was burned to death, after death was clarified as a sacrifice for justice saint. She is a legend. Major European writers and composers have written about her, as well as numerous films, plays and music based on her. She is an important figure in Western culture.

This is a city with a thousand years of history, and it's not easy for Europe to have a city with a thousand years of history. This city has produced many famous people, many of whom are well known to the world, and there are Nobel Prize winners. It can be said that Rouen is a city of outstanding people. At the same time, the city's cultural atmosphere is very high, it is also a good city to visit.


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