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The Bourjois Rouge Laques Are So Much More than Just Another Liquid Lipstick

If there's one thing better than a multitasking product, it's an affordable multitasking product.

By Annie WaltonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

I’m happy to speak for us all when I say, I think we’re at liquid lipstick capacity. From their first appearance one the “scene” a couple of years ago it seems every brand has been pushing out a new “air-light,” “waterproof,” “fully pigmented,” goo in a tube. And while there have been hits, there have been a whole bunch of misses, too. It’s a hard line to walk between too emollient (resulting in a smudge-fest disaster) and too dry (which results in a possibly even less attractive peeling effect). I’m all too happy to start letting this one go: admitting that totally fool-proof lipstick is actually just too big of an ask.

Until I noticed the release of the Bourjois Rouge Laques. I have long been a fan of their Velvets (perfect, soft-matte tints that last long but also fade flatteringly), and I’m also getting matte lip fatigue. As a human magpie, why would I want matte, flat colour where gloss can exist instead? These promised long-lasting, non-sticky, pigmented shine in a range of actually-all-very-nice shades. My interest was piqued.

And indeed, they are extremely great. I think of them as a more opaquely pigmented YSL Glossy Stain. They’re thin and light, with true pigmentation, but they blend like creams and set like stains. On the lips, each shade can give two effects — a blurred out, just-snogged, faded stain, or a fully lacquered, shiny and dramatic statement lip. Not bad, I thought. But this strange yet wonderful formula seemed to lend itself to being taken outside of just the mouth portion of the face. I mean, where do you not want pigmented, long-lasting colour with a natural looking sheen? If you’re me, the answer is nowhere.

My three shades (that three for two offer is a bitch to resist) were Toute Nude, Purpledélique and Bloody Berry — a dark, rosy nude, a purpley-winey shade, and a surprisingly unique dark yet subtle red. All three are gorgeous for their intended purpose. But here I am wearing all three, and little other makeup apart from base, brows, ‘n’ lashes. It’s a little bit of a wearable Rihanna at the Met Gala look, right? Here’s what I did.

Well, for lips I don’t really think I need to tell you that I put it on my lips. What I will tell you is that the shade I used here was Bloody Berry. The best way to get the full, opaque yet dimensional colour is apply a thin layer, blot, and apply again. You can build it up as much as your like, but two coats is enough for me. I also really love this shade tapped in with finger for the greatest popsicle-mouth I’ve ever achieved.

For cheeks, I used the shade Toute Nude tapped in with a dampened sponge. This helps sheer out the intense pigment (avoiding Aunt-Sally-face) and properly presses the colour into skin, leaving a sheer but stain-like finish. Because it’s not totally matte, it adds dimension to your cheeks, making them look all plump and cherubic and healthy. Toute Nude is a great, neutral, slightly sculpting blush shade which would suit anyone.

Eyes were slightly more dramatic. I took the shade Purpledélique on a large blending brush and really focused it through the crease, slightly winging it out. After I was happy with the shape and satisfied the two eyes looked similar enough (sisters, not twins), I simply pressed the colour in with a clean finger. This helps make the blend even more seamless, while also really melting the colour in so it lasts longer without creasing. I think this light wash of a shimmer free but satin-y finished shade is soooo cute.

So not only do these products do exactly what they promise, but they also do a whole bunch of things they don’t promise. And how often do we get to say that? Bourjois, your weird, innovative lipstick products are some of my favourite ever things.

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