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Sexy Is Women

Appreciation of the Goddess In Our Lives

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Sexy Is Women
Photo by Long Truong on Unsplash

I’ve said it for years, but now it is time to write a post about it. Women aren’t sexy; sexy is women. Sexy with all of its suggested meanings and breathtaking attributes, actually defines women as a term and as a gender. I’m not talking about the super models you see either; though they too are sexy, of course. I am talking about the average woman that graces your life as well as mine. The woman who seems to think that every pair of jeans in her closet, but one, will make her butt look too big. Same woman that swears her hair hates her; despite the fact that all we want do to is run our fingers through that same hair.

Every guy has had that moment when he glances up at a woman just as she stretches her body for whatever reason. Doesn’t matter if she is stretching over to grab something, or if she is just stretching in general, like we all do; for that moment, the world falls away and the very earth can’t breathe without her in it. Every time this amazing being in your life leans on you; while allowing you to lean on her; you can’t help but feel as though the building could fall around you and you would be okay. Every woman in a respectful and balanced relationship instantly gives power to her partner; that is no small task and often goes unsaid far too often.

Everything from her jeans and t-shirt, to the sexy dress women wear, has us fumbling for words to say, and any excuse to touch her skin; with a silent prayer to kiss her lips. Of course, there is also the obvious times in a relationship when you catch her wearing nothing at all; your own Goddess standing before you in a glory you can’t understand or believe. A man (or another woman) can only look upon her and bask in the enchantment that washes over them.

By Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Seriously! Sexy is Women

I think it is fair to say that women go through more struggles in a lifetime than we men do, but even that itself paints meaning and color onto an already beautiful canvas. Seeing her struggles and hearing of them as she clings to you in a safe and warm embrace, is capable of melting the strongest of beings. Even women who hold tight to their dogs and cats; sharing their woes seem to elicit a new level of caring and surrender from the animal.

Okay, yes, I admit; this is a puff piece toward women, and obviously; there are some that do not warrant the praise. However; this post is written about the women in our lives that embody that Goddess-like aura and demand the awe while both demanding and showing respect. The women who retain that mystic allure while fully being a true “partner” to the one they love. There is nothing sexier than a woman who can make your jaw drop at the sight of her, while also impressing you by simply being the powerful creature she was put on Earth to be.

Sexy is women; no getting around that simple and glorious truth. The very thought of this heavenly gender will surely inspire me to write about it many more times. Yet for now, I will stop myself before I’ve written a book about it upon these pages. If reading this post made you think of a specific woman; go to that woman now and tell her how much she means to you. Let her know how much she brings to your life. Tell her everything you want her to know; don’t assume she knows it already. Remember; even if she does in fact know it; she likely still wants to hear it from you often. For now, though, I’m out of here. Go… tell her. Yes, now.


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