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By HiruPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Beauty, like health, goes beyond the visible surface. While many of us manage our wellness via diet, exercise and check-ups, we don’t apply the same 360-degree approach to our beauty regimen. It’s possibly due to lack of viable options.Neauvia International Group recognizes this incongruity and aims to transform the way we practice beauty and solve skin care challenges by extending its premium energy-based devices into the United States.In the hands of trained medical aesthetics professionals, Neauvia devices leverage sophisticated technology such as thermo-lifting and water peeling to deeply target your areas of concern. Many of us maintain our health with nutrition, exercise, and regular checkups, but we don't take the same holistic approach to our beauty routine. It could be due to a lack of suitable alternatives. By expanding its premium energy-based gadgets into the United States, Neauvia International Group hopes to alter the way we practice beauty and tackle skin care concerns. Neauvia products use sophisticated technologies like thermo-lifting and water peeling in the hands of experienced medical aesthetics professionals to deeply target your areas of concern.With years in the global skin care market, Neauvia’s approach pairs this advanced technology with specially formulated skin care for remarkable results."Over a decade of Neauvia’s international skin care success has taught us that a single product does not meet the overall demands of and desired outcomes for patients or providers," says Sean Wilson, President of newly launched Neauvia North America. Best-in-class treatments do, however. They also require training and certification. So, take time to research your local plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aestheticians and med spas because they offer you access to these revolutionary non-invasive treatments that are not available for home use, and to professionals qualified to use them. They’ll work with you to customize an optimal treatment plan to achieve your desired results.Often, using multiple technologies per session yields a marked difference. The Zaffiro treatment combines thermo-lift technology with the gentle exfoliation of water-resurfacing and specific solutions for your skin type and desired results. It delivers lifted, tightened and hydrated skin with less visible lines and wrinkles.Energy-based devices strengthen and surpass home treatments. Let’s say you love the fresh feeling and smooth, even texture of your skin after you do an at-home face scrub.Energy-based gadgets are more effective than traditional treatments. Let's assume you enjoy the feeling of your skin being refreshed and smooth and even after using an at-home face scrub. Try adding a water-peeling facial like the Zaffiro treatment once a month for more deeply cleansed and revitalized skin.Treatments can rejuvenate beyond your face and neck. Zaffiro’s thermo-lift technology gradually heats the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and prompting lifting and tightening effects. It can be applied to tighten the décolleté and upper arm skin, give the tummy and derriere a firm appearance and even help tighten up post-pregnancy belly skin.Innovative energy-based devices can yield beautiful effects by working with the body’s natural functions in a way that is safe, reliable, and non-invasive. They’re less costly and require little to no downtime. This makes them an excellent way to fine tune your appearance and delay signs of aging without a lengthy recovery time. In fact, many of these innovative treatments provide results when done over a lunch hour! Dr. Joshua Weitz, MD, CEO of Dermatology Associates of Rochester sees them growing in appeal and use. "The non-invasive market is the future, and I anticipate Neauvia will be a guiding light in providing exceptional solutions," Weitz says.A well-rounded skin routine ensures that your actions – daily, monthly, over time – compound for outstanding outcomes. Incorporating treatments using Neauvia energy-based devices is simple yet addresses the complexity of your skin and helps attain your best overall skin health and appearance.


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