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Not A woman, but US women.

by CosmicAli about a year ago in feminism
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Not A woman, but US women.
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

I feel the strongest woman is all of us women, because the amount of stuff we go through all the time makes us mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally etc. much stronger (or weaker), that it's hard to pick one woman, when all of us women are so beautifully powerful.

We get belittled in a world that is still sexist, we are still seen as the cooks, the cleaners, small minded, objects to be used and not loved, stupid and aggressively emotional (when we express ourselves) by men who think they own us, in charge/control of us, and can do whatever they want to us.

We still have to work twice as much to get half as far as men. We're misunderstood. We feel everything so deeply. We're more in touch with our emotions but society says we can't show it or we look weak, vulnerable and can easily be taken advantage of. Our choice of clothing is seen as a message, like if we wear something short even on a boiling hot day we're "asking for it" even if we're in out bikinis at the beach. We're seen as weaker than men even though we bleed non stop for days every month and we act like we don't feel anything. And worst of all, we get sexually harassed, abused, molested and raped so often.

Us women, we are strong as hell, we've all experienced some kind of belittling by men, even the most richest, royal, beautiful women to the most poorest, lowest, ugliest women have been treated horribly.

Of course not all men are like this either, a lot of men really do care and do whatever they can for our rights which I am grateful for, but I am not talking about men (only mentioning the affects on us), I am talking about what makes women strong and weak (both are beautiful to me).

When I say this stuff can either make us weaker or stronger, I'm talking about how we choose to deal with it and how it affects us later in life, cause a lot of this stuff can make us go either way.

Weaker: the belittling has crushed us so far down that we can't figure out how (or too depressed etc.) to get back up, so we stay down and go with the flow of what we "have" to do or do nothing. Sometimes it can get so bad for the most part of our lives that we tend to find comfort in it because we know it so well in a way that drives us to find more of it whether we do it consciously or not, even if our lives became so much better we sometimes go back to the weaker life because it's all we know, it can get so bad that we tend to do harmful stuff to ourselves and can even commit suicide as we've forgotten our self-love, self-worth and happiness. We are worriers.

Stronger: to have this attitude "screw that I can be whoever I want, do whatever I want, and I won't let something like this take me down!", to rise above all that is trying to crush us down and break the rules society has tried to build for us. We use our pain to create something beautiful into our hobbies, work and relationships. We learn from our mistakes, spot red flags easier and willingly walk away from what doesn't serve us. We learn about our worthiness, self-love and self-respect, and do whatever we can to keep it. When we're upset, we cry it out (some just bottle it up), we grab our sword and continue to fight for this life. We are warriors.

I've seen all the women I've been close to in my life go through being both weak and strong at different times: something tries to break us down, we get back up, keep fighting until it gets too much that we become weak and take a rest from all the effort of trying at life and what it makes us go through by putting us into depression, then we find some inspiration and motivation for a reason to live and we try again, if we're successful then great, but if we fail enough times we're back to depression.

Yes I know all of us women are all different, I'm aware this may not even be relatable to some women reading this, but this is just about the women in my life I've learnt from (including me of course).g me of course).


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