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Nabulsi from singer to a Quran reciter. learn about his experience

Adham Nabulsi from Jordan

By Enas El Nemr Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Nabulsi released a video to narrate his experience after his retirement from singing

Adham Nabulsi was a Jordanian artist, vocalist, producer, composer and songwriter. He began singing on stage in 2013 when he was a contestant in the Arab edition of TV series “X-factor” then gained fame over the years.

Nabulsi launched several songs, despite his songs achieved a magic number of watches on YouTube, he gained a big popularity on social media, his channel on YouTube is followed by more than 4 million subscribers but he didn’t feel comfort because he was annoyed to sing in concerts where there was alcohol; provocative dancing or any immoral acts conflict with his Islam religion as well as he was aware that his songs just entertained his fans but didn’t fill their minds with something meaningful.

Therefore, he announced on his YouTube channel his retirement from singing on 20 December 2021. Some of his fans respected his freedom to take such decision and others attacked him but Nabulsi focused on his fans’ positive reactions thanking all who supported him.

He decided to use his good voice in reciting the holy Quran. He succeeded to learn the proper rules of holy Quran recitation getting a certification approved by Abu Aisha mosque in the Jordanian capital Amman. Then audio recording of him reciting Quran went viral on the internet.

When Nabulsi became a reciter of holy Quran, he and his family were all happy with this decision, he felt comfortable, he believes that the true happiness is to be with Allah Almighty. He knows that Quran which is Allah’s words absolutely affects positively all who listen to it by showing them the right way to a good life because Allah knows everything about us so Allah Almighty is the only one who is able to guide us to what is better for us.

If Holy Quran is recited in a good calm voice, this helps listening to Quran more and more and reflecting on Allah “God” words. Nabulsi decides to help in this regard; he uses his powerful and gentle voice in reciting Quran.

Nabulsi is currently seeking to audio record with his wonderful voice on his YouTube channel many chapters of Quran “Surah”. He absolutely values all chapters with equal importance and is trying to go through all. He believes that when Quran reciter’s voice is powerful and soothing, it reminds the listener why being Muslim is so unique.

Nabulsi released a video on his YouTube channel one month ago to narrate his experience after his retirement from singing showed here. Check it out. He said in this video that people think all public figures are the happiest ones in this world and this is not true. Despite they show happiness all time on social media but the reality they have their happiness and their sadness too. They have their problems and diseases. Nabulsi ensured that he as an example tried all times to show his audience during his ceremonies that he was happy but he wasn’t so. His life was full of psychological problems. He had no time to pray so he was far away from Allah Almighty.

There is a big difference between his previous life and his present one, he is now keeping praying to be close to his merciful creator, his new life becomes more organized and clear because his praying shows him the right way for a good life. He is feeling now more comfortable.

Nabulsi encourages all Muslims to keep praying and thanks all who support him especially his mother who supports him a lot.

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