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Mompreneur Madness

Juggling two tiny tornadoes while building an empire

By Trine Hauge SchreiberPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Picture this: A frazzled mother of two, knee-deep in diapers and spilled apple juice, suddenly gets hit by a bolt of entrepreneurial lightning. This is the laugh-out-loud story of how I, a sleep-deprived mom determined to conquer the chaos, decided to become a business maven and show my little ones that dreams come true – even if they're wearing mismatched socks.

The Great Diaper Dilemma

In the throes of motherhood, I had an epiphany that hit me harder than a rogue sippy cup – I wanted more. My precious daughters were my everything, but I also wanted to give them the world. So, I dreamt of becoming a mompreneur while singing "The Wheels on the Bus" on repeat.

Operation Baby vs. Business

Balancing babies and business turned into a circus act. I was a master juggler, tossing pacifiers in one hand and spreadsheets in the other. It was like a reality show, but I couldn't vote anyone off the island – not even the one who painted the walls with mashed peas.

From ABCs to ROI

My journey into entrepreneurship wasn't just about selling my services; it was about embracing education. Nap times became my version of business school. I studied marketing, finance, and, yes, the art of negotiating with a toddler.

Momfidence vs. Self-Doubt

The land of self-doubt is a place every mompreneur visits. I questioned my sanity, my decision-making, and why I ever thought I could run a business in the middle of the "terrible twos." But I learned that "momfidence" was my superpower, and I wore it like a cape.

Baby Steps to Business Bliss

Finally, my business saw the light of day, and it wasn't just the nightlight in the nursery. It was a baby step, but it felt like I'd climbed Mount Everest in my slippers. Support from fellow mompreneurs was like a secret club of comrades who understood the wild ride.

The Rubber Ducky Resilience Award

My journey had its fair share of epic fails, like the time I took a business call while wearing a towel cape as a superhero. But I learned that resilience was key. It wasn't about avoiding toddler tantrums; it was about bouncing back and keeping the entrepreneurial ship afloat.

From Spit-Up to Start-Up

Every day, I worked toward building not just a business but a legacy. My daughters would grow up with the belief that they could achieve anything, even if their mom had to dash off for a PTA meeting while negotiating a deal on the phone.

The Mom Squad

Support was the secret sauce of my mompreneur journey. I had a cheer squad filled with fellow mompreneurs who celebrated my victories and offered solace during epic meltdowns (mine and the kids'). It was a sisterhood like no other.

Toddler-Approved Triumphs

As my business flourished, so did the opportunities for my family. I could provide my daughters with more than just Cheerios; I could offer them experiences, education, and a front-row seat to the crazy, wonderful world of mompreneurship.

Diapers, Dreams, and a Dash of Craziness

My journey as a mompreneur is still unfolding. Each day is a new adventure, complete with messy diapers, chaotic playdates, and the occasional business call interrupted by a chorus of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." With my two little sidekicks, I'm ready for any plot twist.

Becoming a mompreneur as a mother of two wasn't just a choice; it was a comedy waiting to happen. It was a declaration of "Mommy's got dreams, too!" This journey isn't just about building a business; it's about showing my daughters that life is one big, beautiful, hilarious circus, and they're the stars of the show. With them as my partners in mischief, there's no limit to the laughter and love we'll share on this mompreneurial rollercoaster.

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About the Creator

Trine Hauge Schreiber

Mom of 2 little girls - Entreprenuer because of my daughters.

Quit my 9-5 job 2 years ago and working for my self - Writing about my experiences as a mom and entrepreneur and everything in between.

36 y/o living in Denmark.

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  • Yosra Bozrati6 months ago

    I can relate to almost every word. Go ahead, mompreneur; the world is under your feet.

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