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Mensuration and My Body Love

by Heather Naomi 4 months ago in body

Body Recognition

Excruciating mensuration pains kept me in bed all day Saturday. Sweating, crying and deep guttural moaning. It feels good to bleed 🩸 but the pain is immense. I love being connected with my body and allowing it the natural courses it needs to take, especially when it forces me to be present with my pain, looking it in the eye and feeling every inch of visceral shedding. When I can I avoid pain killers so I can support every part of myself, especially with pain. Pain is important, its designed in our bodies for a a reason. Living in a society that runs from pain is toxic and unnatural, numbing us to the sensations of life. Without pain what do we have to compare it to when we want joy? I am grateful to my body for supporting and holding me together (literally), for taking me places and for growing with me as I journey through life. For communicating to me the things I need, even when I don’t always listen.

This post is dedicated to my body. Thankyou, for everything you’ve given me and everything you give to me. I promise to take better care of you.

For those of you who have difficult relationships with your body, I encourage you to make time to stand in front of the mirror today (naked is better as you see all of yourself, but clothed is also ok) and take 5 minutes to look at yourself. Find a part of yourself that you absolutely love, and from there recognise your hands that facilitate and feed you, your feet which enable you to travel and ground you, your mouth which smiles and communicates, your head that holds your beautiful brain... as you do this practice you’ll begin to fall in love with yourself.

As I was curled up in pain on Saturday, part of my pain was missing external comfort, by that I mean I was wishing for sympathy and cuddles. I did not have access to this, so I asked myself what I needed. Gave myself the love I was craving. I cooed and soothed myself, stroking my sore tummy softly, and telling myself all is well. The strength this gave me was like a self charging battery that I didn’t know I had.

Loving oneself is one of the most fundamental keystones to healing ourselves. It is also the beginning of global healing.

Namaste 🙏🏻

Heather Naomi
Heather Naomi
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Heather Naomi
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